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Green Fee Award helps shine light on VIMS

The William & Mary Committee on Sustainability will support another eco-friendly project at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science as part of its fall 2017 Green Fee awards.

VIMS’ Gloucester Point campus now occupies 42 acres. Photo courtesy Scott Hardaway.

VIMS will use the $10,239 grant to reduce electricity usage and improve working conditions by replacing 52 dated, energy-demanding bulbs with new light-emitting diode (LED) lamps in 3 buildings on the VIMS campus. The funds were requested by VIMS Ph.D. student Jaclyn Friedman, Maintenance Superintendent Mark Rogers, and Director of Facilities Management Mark Brabham.

The new bulbs will replace high-intensity work lights in the Field Operations Center, as well as security “night” lights in Andrews Hall and Chesapeake Bay Hall.

“Replacing bulbs that are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will drastically cut back on electricity usage, save money, and promote more sustainable conditions,” says Friedman.

Describing the new bulbs in the Field Operations Center, Rogers adds, “Not only will these be more efficient—consuming just 30 percent of the electricity currently being used—they have a higher light intensity, allowing for meticulous work like ship repair and welding to be completed under optimum conditions.”

Existing lighting in the Field Operations Center will be replaced with new LED lamps. Photo courtesy of W&M Office of Sustainability.
Existing lighting in the Field Operations Center will be replaced with new LED lamps. Photo courtesy of W&M Office of Sustainability.

The Green Fee program began in 2008 as a grassroots initiative among W&M undergraduate students. Since then, it has funded more than 200 sustainability projects led by students, faculty, and staff, including 27 projects at VIMS totaling $156,524.

This semester, in addition to the lighting project at VIMS, the Committee on Sustainability supported 4 other projects on W&M’s main campus in Williamsburg, for an award total of $48,366.

Detailed descriptions of this semester’s funded projects, as well as those from earlier funding cycles, are available on the Committee on Sustainability’s Green Fee website.

Year Title Amount Proposed By
2017 Reducing Electricity Usage and Improving Worker Safety at VIMS $10,239 Jaclyn Friedman, Mark Rogers, Mark Brabham
2017 Decreasing Water Usage at VIMS $12,630 Lydia Bienlien, Mark Brabham
2016 Shark Tagging and Signal Analysis in Chesapeake Bay $5,160 Benjamin Powel, Kevin Weng, Wouter Deconinck, William Laney 
2016 VIMS Community Garden Beds and Compost Co-op $3,055 Mark Stratton, Dave Wilcox
2016 Replacing HID exterior lights with LED lights $5,867 Kelley Uhlig, Mark Rogers, Mark Brabham
2016 Improving Recycling Visibility at VIMS $7,629 Kelley Uhlig, Mark Brabham
2016 VIMS Community Garden Rain Barrel $837 Pamela Braff, Scott Lerberg, Sarah Nuss
2016 Updating the VIMS Greenhouse Gas Survey  $5,000 Kelley Uhlig, Carl Hershner
2015 Reducing Nutrient Loads to Crim Dell $8,000 Kirk Havens, Randy Chambers
2015 Educational Wetlands Exhibit for VIMS Visitors Center $7,500 Susan Maples, Kattie McMillan)
2015 VIMS Community Garden Wildlife Management $1,250 Mark Stratton, Kory Angstadt, Dave Wilcox
2015 Installation of a Fix-it/ Personal Bike Repair Station $1,500 Randy Jones, Bruce Pfirrmann, William Horacio
2015 Installation of Elkay Refilling Stations $4,671 Randy Jones, Jaclyn Beck
2015 Investigating juvenile sea turtle mortality in Chesapeake Bay $8,500 Bianca Santos, David Kaplan
2014 Tool and Supply Shed to Support the VIMS Community Garden $500 David Wilcox
2014 Deep Blue Pro Underwater Camera for Outreach $1,870 Kattie McMillan
2013 Tribe Truck Farm $4,676 Jes Carr, Nicole Broder, Sarah Glaser
2013 Solar Powered Vehicles $11,500 David Malmquist, Patrick Foley
2012 Greening of Williamsburg Campus Child Care $500 Janet Yang, Marta Sanderson
2011 Floating Treatment Wetlands $8,000 Karen Duhring
2011 Community Supported Fishery Feasibility Study $14,400 Troy Hartley
2011 VIMS Community Garden $2,400 Jenna Luek, Brandon Conroy, John Graves
2010 VIMS Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory $5,000 Carl Hershner
2009 Fluorescent Light Upgrades in Hargis Library $18,000 Mark Rogers, Carol Coughlin
2009 Green Team Lighting Motion Sensors $3,040 Heidi Geisz, VIMS Green Team
2009 Hybrid Renewable Energy Stations $1,500 Todd Nelson
2009 Replacement of Exit Signage with LED units $3,300 Richard White