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Center for Student Diversity

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The Center for Student Diversity (CSD) strives to enhance student's success both in and out of the classroom and create a climate on campus that is inclusive and welcoming to all students. 

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Holiday Spotlight


Sukkot means “booth” in Hebrew. It is a weeklong Jewish holiday that comes five days after Yom Kippur. It celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection of God provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt. Sukkot is celebrated by dwelling in a foliage-covered booth (known as a sukkah) and by taking the “Four Kinds” four species of vegetation. Sukkot will begin (in the U.S.) at sunset on Monday, September 20th, until Nightfall Monday, September 27th.

The W&M family recognizes that Sukkot is a period of prayer, celebration, feasting, and joy for our Jewish faculty, staff, and students.

Chag Sameach!


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