The costs of permanent residency sponsorship are outlined in the Permanent Residency Sponsorship and Financial Agreement. Costs of permanent residency sponsorship include the following:

  • Attorney fees: Fees for the preparation of labor certification, the I-140, and the I-485
  • Government filing fees
  • Miscellaneous fees: Required medical exam, costs of advertising for re-recruitment (if needed), express mail shipping
Costs borne by W&M
  • W&M assumes all costs involved in labor certification. This includes attorney fee, any [future] government filing fee, costs of re-recruitment (e.g. advertising).
  • These costs are billed directly to the university and forwarded to the appropriate executive employee.
  • If W&M conducts re-recruitment but is unable to meet the labor certification standard, the senior manager of the department still assumes responsibility for those costs.
Costs borne by W&M or the employee
  • All remaining costs of an employee’s sponsorship are the presumed responsibility of the employee and will be billed directly to him/her. Under the terms of the Permanent Residency Sponsorship and Financial Agreement, he/she may seek reimbursement of all or some of these costs through his/her department.
    • If the employee resigns from W&M within three years of securing permanent residency through the university, he/she will repay the costs covered by the university for that process, with the exception of costs associated with labor certification.
    • If the employee is dismissed from employment, he/she will not be responsible for repaying any costs incurred.
Costs always borne by the employee

Costs for dependent family members are the responsibility of the foreign national employee and are not eligible for reimbursement.