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Scholarship Thank You Letter

Scholarship Thank You Letter
Why should I write a thank you letter?

The generosity of our donors and alumni make it possible for the Reves Center to help W&M support international students in need, make educational opportunities possible, and recognize the contributions of our international student community.

Donors appreciate hearing from students. A letter of gratitude from you affirms the value and significance of their contributions and may be the key to future donations to the campus, and therefore, continued support of exceptional students like you.

Taking the time to say thank you is also an important part of being a leader. Regardless of your future goals, developing the habit and skill of expressing sincere thanks will contribute to your lifelong success.

Tips for a Well Written Letter
  • Write clearly and concisely. Letters should be no more than two pages long
  • Letters should be typewritten in business format
  • Be genuine and sincere
  • Show your personality and enthusiasm. You may consider adding something personal about yourself (e.g., your background, why you picked W&M, etc.)
  • Double-check for typos and grammatical errors. Have someone review your letter before submitting.
Sample Thank You Letter

Please do not copy and paste the sample letter, the letter is only intended as a guide. Please modify the sample letter for your unique letter and situation.

If you received a named scholarship, your donor's name will be on your award letter that was emailed to you.

Sample Letter:


[Donor’s Full Name as Listed on Award Letter] or [Associate Provost Teresa Longo - for general International Student Scholarship]
c/o Office of International Students, Scholars, and Programs
Reves Center for International Studies
William & Mary

Dear [Donor name – use the appropriate salutation such as Dr., Mr., or Ms.] or [Associate Provost Teresa Longo - for general International Student Scholarship]

1st paragraph – State the purpose of your letter

I am writing to thank you for the [name of scholarship]. I am honored to receive the scholarship and am deeply appreciative of your support.

2nd paragraph – Share something about yourself and indicate the impact of the scholarship

I am a sociology major with a minor in Educational Studies. I am currently a junior and am beginning to exploring graduate programs in Higher Education Administration. At this point, my goal is to pursue a career in international higher education.

Thanks to your scholarship, I was able to attend my first professional conference – the regional NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference in Richmond, VA. Using part of my scholarship, I was able to enroll in a pre-conference workshop titled “Breaking into the Field of International Higher Education.” Since it was my first conference, I felt nervous, however, it was so inspiring to meet other students and professionals who share my interests and passion. Attending the workshop helped me to think about my career options and plan for the future.

3rd paragraph - Conclude by thanking the donor again and re-stating your hopes for the future.

Thank you for supporting international students like me at W&M. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and I hope to give back to other students, just like you gave to me.


[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

Submitting Thank You Letters
  • Please save and name your letter in the following format “First Name_Last Name_Year” (e.g., Mary_Williams_2023)
  • Upload your document in a PDF format

Please contact [[ywong,Eva Wong]] if you have questions about submitting the letter.