Funding Your Studies

Because William & Mary is a publicly-funded state university, financial aid for international students is extremely limited. The W&M Financial Aid Office deals almost exclusively with federal aid programs for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Funding Opportunities for International Students

Undergraduate Students
Financial aid for international undergraduate students is extremely limited. However, by the generosity of our alumni and donors, the Reves Center is able to offer several Global Ambassador Scholarships to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Graduate Students
Graduate assistantships are awarded by academic departments (e.g., Anthropology, Computer Science, etc) and offices. They generally require 10-20 hours per week of research, administrative, or teaching assistance by the student in exchange for a stipend and/or payment of tuition. Students should inquire with the academic department as to the availability of an assistantship. The Reves Center typically awards one graduate assistantship each year. These are open to international and U.S. students.

On-campus Resources (available to students after they have begun study)
  • Reves Center Scholarships
    Special scholarships for international students, administered by the Reves Center for International Studies.
  • Sponsored Programs
    An office of William & Mary, their website has several links to potential funding sources.
  • The Charles Center
    The Charles Center provides assistance in locating scholarships and grants for both graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Student Leadership Development Conference Fund
    This fund, administered by the the Office of Student Leadership Development, provides funding to graduate and undergraduate students for conferences.
  • Cohen Career Center
    The Cohen Career Center provides funds to cover expenses associated with their sponsored activities and funding for internship opportunities.
Off-campus Resources (available to students before or after they have begun study)