Transportation to Williamsburg

Before Making Travel Plans
  • Washington, DC: Flights are generally cheaper to DC, but it can be expensive and complicated to travel to Williamsburg, so you may want to consider flying into an airport listed below for your first trip. 
  • Before Buying Tickets: If you are a new student, you are required to attend international orientation. Graduate students, check with your department for exam schedules and other graduate commitments. Undergraduate students, refer to the academic calendar and residence hall schedules when arranging flights home. Exams cannot be scheduled around flights, and dorms close shortly after the exam period.
  • Bring your Address: If you are traveling by taxi or shuttle, bring a campus map with you, and the address of your destination. If you live on campus, you can find the address for your building in the Campus Street Address directory
Airport Shuttles & Transportation
  • Prices May Change: Shuttle/taxi prices were checked in February 2018 but are subject to change.
  • Tipping: For taxis and shuttles, standard US practice is to pay a tip of 15-20% of the fare to the driver.

From Richmond Airport (RIC):

From Newport News Airport (PHF)

From Norfolk Airport (ORF):

Washington D.C. Airports

Taxi, Bus, & Train

Taxis are often expensive in the US, so unless you are sharing the ride with another person, this is usually not an economical way to get to Williamsburg from the airport. 

Greyhound Bus Company offers bus service between most cities in the US (including Williamsburg). Williamsburg Bus Station is 2 km from William & Mary.

AMTRAK offers train service between Williamsburg, Richmond, and Washington DC. The Williamsburg train station is 2km from the College. Amtrak stations are not near the airport in Richmond. In Washington DC, Amtrak can be accessed from the airport by Metrorail. Trains only come to Williamsburg once or twice per day and sometimes sell out in advance.


If you will be staying on campus, and will arrive in Williamsburg before the Residence Halls open, you must arrange your own early housing such as in a hotel. When booking a hotel, note that some areas of Williamsburg are not pedestrian-friendly. Public transportation is also minimal.

Local accommodations within walking distance to W&M include:

William & Mary have also contracted with local hotels to provide discounted rates for W&M students, staff and faculty.

Additional options are also listed with the Williamsburg Hotel & Motel Association, and other resources such as Tripadvisor and