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Education Programs

Education Programs provides youth development opportunities for young people in the Williamsburg area. Through sustained partnerships with local schools and community organizations, you can support the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development of participating youth. While supporting the healthy development of young people in Williamsburg, you can gain a deeper understanding of education equity from the root causes to its manifestations over time. In all William & Mary students do, you can have the opportunity to make an impact with the young people and communities where you serve. 

Education Programs consist of two recognized student organizations and programs that offer tutoring and mentoring in alignment with youth development and education best practices:

Griffin School Partnerships
Lafayette Kids

How can you get involved?

You can join the Griffin School Partnerships or Lafayette Kids GivePulse and sign up for a shift!


The William & Mary Office of Community Engagement's Education Programs worked hard to positively impact the communities they served by focusing on raising the quality of service. At the outset of the fall semester, GSP leaders embarked upon another first. During their fall retreat, they identified all of the outcomes they sought to impact during the year. Likewise, Lafayette Kids’ Spring retreat allowed them to align their goals, mission, and strategies by examining community realities, data, and assets.   

Education & Youth Programs Rubric

We aim for all of our programs to have opportunities for personal development in the following areas for our volunteers and young people alike.