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Education Programs

Education Programs provides youth development opportunities for young people in the Williamsburg area. Through sustained partnerships with local schools and community organizations, our William & Mary students support the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development of participating youth. While supporting the healthy development of young people in Williamsburg, William & Mary students gain a deeper understanding of education equity from the root causes to its manifestations over time. In all they do, they have an eye on making an impact with the young people and communities where they serve. 

Education Programs consists of two programs that offer tutoring and mentoring in alignment with youth development and education best practices. These two programs, which are also recognized student organizations, are:

Griffin School Partnerships
Lafayette Kids

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In addition to supporting these programs, Education Programs supports individual students who want to pursue individual projects and initiatives. One part-time staff member supports OCE's Education Programs. 

Education Program Goals

Beyond the OCE goals for all W&M students participating in programs, we have the following goals for each Education Program volunteer's experiential learning:

  • Develops an understanding of positive youth development and implements practices with integrity
  • Delves into the root causes of education equity and implements their understanding to positive impact the issue, either individually with their direct work with young people or indirectly through large-scale systems work
  • Exhibits a dynamic understanding of key education issues and practices impacting how they serve inclusively throughout the community
  • Makes connections between the social and education policy and practice 

For every youth from the Williamsburg community who participates in an offering of Education Program, we have the following goals:

  • Young people are interested and engaged in programming
  • Young people grow and develop in relationship and in wellness
  • Young people are safe, physically and emotionally

The William & Mary Office of Community Engagement's Education Programs worked hard to positively impact the communities they served by focusing on raising the quality of service. At the outset of the fall semester, GSP leaders embarked upon another first. During their fall retreat, they identified all of the outcomes they sought to impact during the year. Likewise, Lafayette Kids’ Spring retreat allowed them to align their goals, mission, and strategies by examining community realities, data, and assets.

View the full 2019-2020 Impact Report HERE.