Billing under the new program will change from a single billing amount including device and printing cost to one that separates device cost and printing cost.  IT will bill a monthly rental fee for Ricoh devices and a yearly lease charge for Xerox devices.  The Ricoh rental fee will be assessed on your monthly IT Bill.  The yearly lease charge will be assessed either in April or October depending upon device installation date.  

Copier Billing

ESI will email a monthly invoice for the number of copies/prints per copier device at a the current rate of $.0114 cents per black and white (B&W) page and $.08 cents per color page.  

Department Device Rental Fee / Lease charge B&W Pages Printed Page Charges Total Monthly Charges
XYZ Department Ricoh 2581 $85.00 11,000 $125.40 $210.40

There is no minimum prints/copies for qualifying copier devices.  As the college places more Xerox devices on campus the cost per page will drop to a full implementation cost of $.0093 cents per page for B&W and $.065 cents per page for color.

Networked Printers

All networked printers on campus are eligible to participate in the Print Management Program.  The program will include supplying toner and maintenance for the device.  Departments will be responsible for supplying paper.  The cost for B&W is $.014 cents per page and the cost for color is $.125 cents per page.  B&W Printers participating in the program will be charged a minimum of 500 pages per month or $7.00.  Color printers participating in the program will be charged a minimum of 192 pages per month or $24.00.

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