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Headsets and beyond...

The same equipment currently used for Teams and Zoom meetings can be used for phone calls via Teams. However, you may wish to purchase a headset or desk phone to use with the new phone system. The following models have been tested by IT and will be supported through the Technology Support Center. Equipment is purchased separately by each department. 

Ordering Instructions

Headsets can be purchased through buyW&M directly from technology resellers. 

Purchase Headsets

Deskphones should be ordered through W&M IT by going to Request IT.

  1. Sign In with you W&M Username and password
  2. Select Buy Something
  3. Select Telephone
  4. Select Deskphone
  5. Fill out the form and submit

Speakers are also available through Request IT.

Please keep in mind that phone equipment, particularly desk phones, may be delayed due to shortages in the global supply chain.

Purchase a Desk Phone


To maximize the flexibility and features of Teams Calls, headsets (instead of desk phones) should be used with the new phone system. The following headsets have been tested and pre-approved for purchase through IT (link to order form coming soon). 

These headsets come with a two year warranty, and if issues arise, W&M IT can provide support. Other headsets may be used with Teams Calls, however, they will not be supported by W&M IT, and would require an IT Procurement Review if purchased with state funds. 

All headset equipment listed below use USB-A connections. The same equipment with USB-C connections is approved for purchase from resellers.

Please note:  For PCI compliance, desk phones must be used when accepting credit card information over the phone.  Headsets (via computer-based soft phones) can not be used for credit card acceptance.
Wired Headsets (Poly Blackwire 3315 & 3325)

These wired headsets are good quality, simple, plug-and-play devices that should meet the majority of your phone needs. 

Standard Headphones
Guidance for Usage
Poly Blackwire 3315

Poly Blackwire 3315
(Must be Microsoft Teams Version)

Part Number: 

Recommended for most users with a one-ear headphone preference.
Poly Blackwire 3325

Poly Blackwire 3325
(Must be Microsoft Teams Version)

Part Number: 

Recommended for most users with a two-ear headphone preference.
Wireless Headsets (Poly Voyager 4245 & Focus 2)

Take advantage of the flexibility Teams offers and go wireless!  Also, some job functions and work environment require different features and functionality than what standard wired headsets offer. These models should do the trick.  Example use cases are listed below. 



Guidance for Usage
Poly Voyager 4245

Poly Voyager 4245
(Must be Microsoft Teams Version)

Part Number: 

Spare Battery Part Number:

More Spare Part Numbers

Use cases include: call centers, administrative assistants, high volume users, those who need to be mobile while talking on the phone

Charging type:  Wall outlet or USB


voyager focus 2

Poly Voyager Focus 2
(Must be Microsoft Teams Version)

Part Number: 

Use case needs include:

Noise canceling - Those with needs to drown out background noises, like in shared offices, high-traffic areas, construction areas, etc.

Clear voice - Those with needs for an especially clear speaking voice, like for hosting webinars or trainings, making recordings, etc.

(Please be aware that these are quite large and bulky.)

Charging type:  USB only.  A multi-port USB Hub is recommended.

Firmware Updates for Wireless Headsets - Poly Lens

For wireless headsets, firmware on the headsets and/or accompanying dongle will have to be updated prior to use.  After receiving your headset, plug it in to your computer, and then visit Poly Lens to install the software that allows you to make updates. 

Desk Phones

The ShoreTel/Mitel desk phones are not compatible with the Teams Calls and will be collected and recycled.  In general, desk phones for personal use are discouraged as a fixed piece of equipment will not allow you take advantage of the flexibility Teams Calls can offer.  However, for some people or use cases, desk phones may be needed. Those include:

  • Users who have specific ADA requirements where headsets cannot be used. 
  • Shared phone lines staffed by more than one user.
  • “Walk up” phones in public areas or conference rooms. 
  • Users without access to a computer that can connect to the Teams platform. 
  • Credit card acceptance (PCI compliance)
Desk Phones (Audiocodes C455)

The approved desk phone model is the following.  It must be ordered through Request IT and requires programming prior to use.  W&M IT will provide self-programming instructions. Any other models require an IT procurement review and a technical evaluation as they must be native to Microsoft Teams and function on our network.

Desk Phone 
Guidance for Usage

Audiocodes C455 IP Phone

Recommended for most desk phone users, public walk-up phones, shared offices, service desks, conference rooms, etc. 

Required for PCI compliance, if accepting credit card information.


Order a Desk Phone (Speakers, too)
  1. Go to Request IT and sign in
  2. Select Buy Something
  3. Select Telephone
  4. Select Deskphone/Analog Line
  5. Fill out the form and make your selection in the dropdown for Phone
  6. Click Submit

You will receive a notification via email when your order is ready for pick-up.

Desk Phones (Audiocodes C455) Set-Up Instructions

Connect to power 

  1. Plug network cable into the wall and then into the yellow port on the phone.  
  2. Phone will initiate 
  3. Follow directions on the phone. 

Connect to Teams 

  1. On your computer, go to 
  2. There will be a code on the phone screen. Enter that code into the box on the browser window. 
  3. Sign in to your W&M account 
  4. After you get the browser message about the "Microsoft Authentication Broker," your desk phone should load your Teams account. Give it a few seconds to complete loading. 
  5. HELP: at this point, IF your phone's screen begins restarting over and over, hold down the Hold key on the bottom right side of your phone keypad until the phone screen shows an "erasing" message. After it reboots, repeat the sign in steps. If you have more trouble the second time, contact [[support]]

Adjust Settings 

  1. Click the menu button on the phone 
  2. Scroll to Settings
  3. There are various other setting options that can be adjusted to your preferences

Your desk phone is ready to use! 

Desk Phones for Public Spaces

IT will continue to maintain publicly-accessible, wall-mounted phones. These phones are a basic Teams desk phone (Audiocodes 405), using a Common Area License with no voicemail services. 

  • Hall phones (except: current analog lines will remain analog)
  • Classroom phones
  • Lab phones

A speaker can be added-on to an existing phone set-up or as a boost to a computer speaker.  It does not operate independently. 

Speaker (Poly Sync 40)

This is our recommended model. Other speakers may used with Teams Calls, however, they will not be supported by W&M IT, and would require an IT Procurement Review if purchased with state funds. Order this speaker through Request IT (follow same instructions as a desk phone).

Guidance for Usage
Poly Sync 40

Poly Sync 40

Boost reach of speakers in conference rooms and huddle spaces, or use as a supplement to a computer speaker.


Non-Standard Phone Equipment Orders
Headsets and other USB or Bluetooth phone accessories may be ordered without a going through the Technology Procurement Review process.  However, all technology purchases must be made through a reputable reseller. Amazon is not recommended for technology purchases due to highs rate of fraud and counterfeit items being sold by resellers within Amazon. We recommended you use B&H, SHI (SWaM vendor), GovConnection, CDWG, Dell or Apple. 

W&M IT only provides support for the recommended headset and desk phone models listed above.  Non-standard models will not be supported.  

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm