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Test Taking Tips for Students

If you're taking an exam or submitting an assessment through Blackboard, here are some tips and tricks that you should be aware of.                                                      

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The Do's and Don'ts of Blackboard Exams
  •  Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer
  • Use a wired connection (if possible)
  • Save your answers as  you go through the exam
  • Check that you selected the answer you wanted
  • Select Save and Submit when turning in the assignment 
  • Take a screenshot confirming you completed the assessment
  • Log out of Blackboard once you're done
  • Do not use Internet Explorer
  • Do not use a mobile device 
  • Do not have multiple sessions running at the same time
  • Do not click refresh, backspace, or enter/return during the exam
  • Do not scroll within the assessment
  • Do not rely on the autosave function
  • Do not double click when submitting the assignment 
  • Do not just close your browser when you are done 
Tips for Before the Exam

Whenever you log into Blackboard, your session is timed. After 150 minutes of inactivity you will have to log in again. This means that if you leave your Blackboard session running for too long, you will be logged out of the system and any information you typed that was not saved will be lost. If you are having recurring issues, try logging out and logging back in on another browser. 

  • Close other windows or tabs to minimize inactivity 
  • Delete your Internet history to ensure the system operates quickly
  • Turn off Pop-up blockers or add Blackboard as a trusted site in your browser
  • Log out and log back in just before the start
  • Always make sure to read through the test instructions. In some cases you may not be allowed to go back to a question once you answer it.
Tips for Various Blackboard Assessments

There are a variety of exams that can be administered through Blackboard. Although some of the advice can be applied to any exam format, some styles require specific attention. 

  • When submitting or attaching a file, make sure the file is not in use before submitting
  • With long essay responses, type them in a word processor first
  • During timed exams, keep an eye on the timer which will appear on the status bar and will change colors as you approach the deadline
  • Avoid timeouts by selecting Save Answer after each question
  • Typing in a text box is not registered as an activity and can cause you to experience a timeout

After submitting the exam, if the instructor allows you to view your score or grades, you will be able to access your results in the Tools/My Grades area of your course. 

For more information on taking tests in Blackboard, you can visit the Blackboard Student Help Site or the Blackboard Browser Check

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
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