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Panopto Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture and Streaming Software

Connect to Blackboard to access Panopto

Panopto is an easy-to-use tool for recording multiple events including in-class lectures, events, presentations, and tutorials that can be easily distributed to students through Blackboard. You can record from any computer equipped with a microphone and (optionally) a webcam. With Panopto, you can record what is on the computer screen, audio, as well as video from a web cam. All recordings are automatically uploaded to the Panopto service and integrated with Blackboard, where they can be easily shared with your students.


10/4/22: Due to a price increase, the archive policy for Panopto will be changing to a 13-month archive policy in place of the current 25-month policyVideos that have been unplayed for 13 months will appear in your Panopto folders as "Archived." Anyone with access to the content will be able to restore these videos if needed; however, this process may take up to 48 hours. Learn how to restore archived content.

Using Panopto

In order to take advantage of the features of Panopto, there are a few one-time processes that need to be performed.

Get Set-Up
Preparing Your Blackboard Course
  • Setup Your Blackboard Courses for Panopto (Guide). This step needs to be completed for each course. 
  • Installing Panopto Software on your computer (Video). This step needs to be completed only once and is not required if you use a classroom podium computer, where Panopto is already installed*
Using Panopto 
Closed Captioning Panopto Recordings
Video Recording Guidelines
Viewing Panopto Videos
Uses for Panopto
  • Record in the Classroom - You can record your own lectures, presentations, or other in-class activities available for later viewing by students.
  • Record on your Computer or Other Devices - Panopto runs on PCs and Macs, making it easy to record lectures or tutorials prior to class time, potentially facilitating many different instructional activities such as a flipped classroom or other eLearning approaches.  Panopto also includes iPhone and iPad apps for recording from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Student Recordings - Panopto offers an easy method to engage students in creating multimedia projects. Students can record using Panopto on their laptop, smart phone, or tablet. Assignments are automatically uploaded to Panopto’s secure "drop box" for your review. 
Benefits of Panopto
  • Versatile: Panopto can capture anything on your computer screen (from PowerPoint slides to complex animations), document cameras, and video from just about any camera. Once captured, recordings are processed into an interactive web format as well as audio and video podcasts that students can watch on any device.
  • Integrated: Panopto integrates with the university’s learning management system, Blackboard. Recordings can easily be shared and managed as part of your course materials, and students can access recordings from any device.
  • Manageable: Panopto helps ensure that all recordings are captured and stored in compliance with university policy. A wide range of reports can also be generated to help you understand how your recordings are being viewed.
  • Searchable: Once you integrate your PowerPoint lecture into Panopto, your recording will can index all your materials so that students can find and fast-forward to words that are used within in the lecture.
Additional Panopto Tutorials
Accessibility & Privacy
View Panopto's accessibility statement



Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm