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IT Fist Bump: Mike Maddalena

Part of W&M Information Technology’s mission is to develop and nurture meaningful relationships and collaborations on campus and beyond. Our work would not be possible without the partnerships we have across campus, and so many of our colleagues deserve a thank you and a (virtual) fist bump!

In this issue, we’d like to feature Mike Maddalena, the university's Assistant VP of Finance & Operational Analytics.  Mike Maddalena

Mike works closely with IT’s Manager of Systems Design & Architecture Phil Fenstermacher and Manager of Applications Administration Louis Hubert. According to his colleagues, Mike does not settle for the status quo and is always looking for ways to improve existing systems.

Phil and Louis commend Mike for his exceptional ability to innovate and think outside the box. They appreciate how he consistently brings forward unique project idea, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding results. An example of this is Mike's preference for using advanced data analysis in his work and shared projects with IT, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence. Mike’s creative problem-solving skills and attention to detail do not go unnoticed by his colleagues. 

Phil and Louis also admire Mike for his patience and collaboration. Mike actively engages with his co-workers to tackle problems collectively, rather than fixating on frustrations from the lack of polished solutions right out the gate. This approach not only enables him to access new functionalities but also facilitates quicker product delivery since they don’t call for immediate readiness for the average user. And finally, Phil and Louis greatly appreciate Mike’s constructive feedback. His insights help to fine-tune and perfect their work for broader utility. Mike is the definition of dedicated. He is always willing to roll up his sleeves and serve as a guinea pig for product testing, contributing to a more streamlined project deployment processes and top-grade outcomes. 

Thank you for all you do, Mike!