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2019 Employee Services Awards

2019 Service Award Recipients from Information Technology.  Pictured left to right: Jack Farraj (15 years), Brandon Coles (20 years), Patricia Cox (15 years), Kari-Lise Slettemoen (25 years), Rachel Pace (15 years), and Dan Ewart (45 years)On Thursday, June 13, 2019, William & Mary honored 16 employees from Information Technology, recognizing their service and marking the milestones they have reached during their time at the university.  They were applauded for their hard work, dedication to the university, and the accomplishments they achieved throughout their William & Mary career.

At the ceremony, W&M Information Technology's Unix Engineer Dan Ewart, was called on stage to be recognized for his 45 years of service.  Ewart graduated from William & Mary in 1971 with a degree in chemistry, and began to work for the university in 1973. When he originally began working for William & Mary, the IT department did not exist in its current form, instead it was called "Computer Center."  Ewart was integral in the original installation of Banner, and helps maintain the system to this day.

Another honoree is Kari-Lise Slettemoen, who has been working at W&M for 25 years.  Slettemoen said that “the connection and friendships I have made with my co-workers and student techs have been the most meaningful part of my work at W&M."  Regarding her work at IT specifically, she said she was appreciative of the fact that “you don’t get bored. There is always something new to learn.”

Brandon Coles, who was honored for 20 years of service, said that his favorite part of working with the W&M IT department is that “I get paid to do things that I would normally do for free.” He also noted that while he hasn’t had the opportunity to travel a great deal “working at W&M brings the people of the world to me.”

Rachel Pace was honored for 15 years of service, and discussed the importance of working at W&M and implementing vital technology systems.  Her work, as that of all the honorees, is crucial to keeping W&M up-to-date with technological advancements and allowing students to succeed.  Pace said that “it is exciting to be part of an ever-changing technology landscape at W&M and to see how it changes the university for the better.”

2019 Recognition Recipients from IT
45 years

Dan Ewart

25 years

Kari-Lise Slettemoen

20 years

Brandon Coles
Mark Eaton
Christopher Peck

15 years

William Elton
Jack Farraj
Patricia Cox
Eric Myers
Rachel Pace
Brian Persinger

10 years

Jeffrey Cahoon
William Hodges

5 years

Ian Nofziger
Jacob Smith
Scott Stewart