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2013 IT Service Awards

Lee Conder has worked 35 years for the College.The College's annual Employee Appreciation Day celebrates William & Mary staff members who have longstanding service to the College and the Commonwealth.  The day is marked by a lunch which serves as an annual reminder of the significant contribution by the staff to the W&M mission.

Among those honored for long-term service is Lee Conder, who has been at the College for 35 years.  He started in Nov. 1977 working nightshifts on the College's mainframe.  When he started, the mainframe's primary purpose was to process data for faculty in highly technical departments (like Physics and Computer Science). 

As the years went by, the College increasingly relied on mainframe technology for administrative processes as well. Conder was responsible for maintaining the hardware that ran things like financial reports and graduation lists.  Eventually these processes moved to networked servers and the mainframe was dismantled.   After 30 years, in 2008, Conder shifted to his current role in Classroom Support. Working in classes with high-tech equipment not only utilizes his technical expertise, but also complements his interest in media production.  He's very thankful for the opportunity to serve the College in this way.

Information Technology appreciates people who have dedicated their talents to the department, like Conder.  "As technology becomes evermore complex, we rely on our staff to take on increasingly demanding roles.  We require highly technical skill sets and the ability to adapt to a constantly shifting environment." says Courtney Carpenter, CIO of Information Technology.   "We are fortunate to have people who can not only meet these demands but thrive in this challenging environment."

2013 Service Award Recipients from IT
Wayne Farnsworth celebrates 20 years at the College5 years

Juraszek, Karin
Brest, Robert M.
Newhouse, Raymond M.
Bell, Brandon R

10 years

Strawn, James E.

15 years

Matthews, Dallas E.
Banks, Danny L.

20 years

Min, Soon Y.
Farnsworth, Norman (Wayne)

25 years

Shantz, David H.

35 years

Conder, Robert (Lee)