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1.     How will William & Mary communicate with me?

The official method of communication is via your William & Mary email address. Please log into your email frequently to ensure that you have received the most recent communication concerning upcoming deadlines, financial aid, billing, payment plans, etc.

2.     Is Financial Aid available to online students?

In addition to military, veterans benefits or employer tuition assistance,  financial aid is available in various forms to online students.  If you would like information regarding loans please access the W&M Financial Aid website via the links below:

  1. Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  2. Direct Grad PLUS Loans
  3. Private Loans

 3.     How do I know if I am eligible for student loans?

If you are an American citizen or permanent resident and are taking at least a half-time graduate course load (4 credit hours per semester), you qualify for student loans.  Student loans can also cover your books, supplies and living expenses as necessary.

4.     How do I apply for federal student loans?

  1. Fill out the FAFSA (W&M’s school code is 003705).*
  2. After your acceptance into a W&M online program, the W&M Financial Aid Office will package a loan for you and will send an email to your W&M email telling you your loan amount is ready to be accepted.  The aid package is based on the number of enrollment credit hours per term.  
  3. Go to your Banner student account and accept your loan amount via MyWM.
  4. After accepting your loan amount in Banner you will be able to fill out your loan application, sign a Promissory Note, and complete federal Entrance Counseling, all online via Federal Direct Loans
  5. After all steps are complete, the loans will be scheduled for automatic disbursement to your student account after each term begins.

*   FAFSA filing deadlines are as follows:  January entry – December 1, May entry – April 1**, August entry – July 1

** The May entry term (summer) falls under the FAFSA for the prior fall/spring academic year.  Be sure you are filing the correct FAFSA if you are starting the program in the summer term.

All requirements for loans must be completed and confirmed by the Financial Aid Office before the first day of classes each term.  If you are unable to meet these deadlines, you may enroll in the payment plan or make a personal or credit card payment until your financial aid process has been completed and confirmed.   

5.     How will I access my Student Account?

You access your account through Banner self-service at Your student account charges, payments and eBill statements may be viewed online in eServices.

6.     Does William & Mary have a tuition payment plan?

William & Mary has a Tuition Payment Plan that divides fall and spring semester tuition into monthly payments.  We do not offer a payment plan during the summer terms.

7.     I am having difficulty logging into eServices to make a payment. Who do I contact to rectify the issue?

It depends. If you have followed the instructions for logging into eServices via myWM, which are located on the Student Accounts website and still cannot access the system, then it may be a user id/password issue, in which case you would contact the Technology Support Center at or (757)-221-4357. You might try to use a different web browser to see if that will correct the problem. 

8.     Which drop down should I use in eServices for the online program in order to make my deposit?

Online students are not required to make a deposit.

9.    What are the tuition and fees associated with my residency?

The required residency course (for the online MBA program only) is a 1 credit hour course, with the associated per credit hour tuition charge plus an additional fee of $ 600.00.  You should be registered for this course, along with the other courses for that particular semester (fall, spring, summer) prior to the beginning of the semester. 

10.   When is payment due?

Your student account must be paid in full by the due date on the eBill statement. 

11.  Will I receive a bill?

William & Mary does not mail paper bills; eBill statement is our method of billing .  Statements will be generated during the first week of May for the summer semester, the beginning of July for the Fall semester and the first week of December for the Spring semester. If you are registered for courses prior to the eBill statement date, an email will be sent to your William & Mary email address to notify you when the statement has been generated.   To verify current charges or if an eBill statement was not received you may view your student account charges online via eServices. Payment is due in full by the due date shown on the eBill statement which is the first day of the month following the statement date.

12. What are my payment methods?

  1. Online eCheck and credit card via eServices (credit card payments will incur a processing fee)
  2. Checks mailed to the W&M Cashier’s Office (or in person payments)
  3. Monthly Tuition Payment Plan via eServices (signed up before the first day of classes and first payment received)
  4. Outside source payments  (i.e. military or employer payments, scholarships, etc – authorized and credited to the student’s account by the first day of class)
  5. Financial Aid loans (Direct Unsubsidized, Direct Grad Plus and Private Loans -  all requirements must be completed and confirmed by the Financial Aid Office by the published deadlines)

13. What are the consequences if I cannot make my Tuition Payment Plan installment on time? 

A late fee in the amount of $25.00 will be assessed to your account. If two installments are missed, you will be removed from the payment plan and the entire balance will become due immediately as stated in the Payment Plan Agreement. 

14. What documentation can I provide to my employer for reimbursement? 

You are able to print copies of your course schedule as well as your eBill statement directly from Banner (myWM). Please contact your employer directly to find out what documentation they require. 

15. If I don’t set up a payment plan this semester, can I set one up later if needed? 

Yes, payment plans are set up each semester (fall and spring) and open for enrollment the same day the eBill statement is generated. The plans allow for late enrollment until the end of the add/drop period.  Any missed installment payment will be due at the time of enrollment. There is no additional fee for late enrollment.

16. What if I withdraw from class?

If you withdraw from class during add/drop period, all tuition will be adjusted to a $0 balance.  If you withdraw after add/drop period, there will be no adjustment in tuition.  Aid from financial aid or other outside sources may be adjusted based on your withdrawal date.  Please check with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing to know how this will affect you.

17. Can I choose a designee to discuss my finances? 

You can give us permission to speak with someone else about your finances by emailing Student Accounts at from your William & Mary email address. 

18. When is the graduation fee applied? 

The fee will be assessed when the notice of candidacy for graduation is filed with the College. 

19. Whom do I contact for Financial Aid and Student Account information?

                 Financial Aid: Jen Meier – (757) 221-2426

                 Military Tuition Assistance: Student Accounts – [[bursar]] (757) 221-1220

                 VA Benefits (Includes GI Bill): Carolyn Ward – (757) 221-2893

                 Student Accounts Office: (757)-221-1220