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Numbers at a Glance

Facilities Management has supported William & Mary and its people for over 300 years.  It’s our privilege to create and support the physical environment making a more conducive milieu for the learning process and for the educational experience from both learning and teaching perspectives.

To give an idea about the breadth of responsibility, let's share some numbers to provide a context for the scope of our tasks:

  • The campus comprises over 1,158 acres of land divided into three campuses. 
    • The main campus which comprises about 87% of the total and where most of the academic buildings, residences and administrative support building reside.
    • The Dillard campus which comprises 3% of the total and is home to many athletic fields, storage facilities and some offices.
    • The Law School campus which comprises 10% of the total. 
  • Roughly 755 acres or 65% of the total acreage is undeveloped land.  Additionally, the campus boasts having one of the oldest millponds in the state, approximately 47 acres, created around 1720 and now known as Lake Matoaka (Pocahontas’s nickname).
  • There are 224 buildings (201 owned and 23 leased) with a combined gross square footage of 4981280 ft².  These buildings range in use from Instruction (22) and Academic Support (13) to Athletics (7) to Student and/or Auxiliary services (111) and Institutional Support (24).  There are 26 Physical plant buildings to support the campus.  Additionally we have three National historic landmark buildings on the Historic part of Main Campus:  the Wren Building (1695 and the oldest continually used building for education in America), the Brafferton (1723) and the Presidents House (1732).
  • Infrastructure and Utilities on campus plays a vital role in helping shape the amenities of the physical environment.  As an older university, some of the drainage tunnels were first created in the early 18th Century.  As systems have evolved so have our implementation of them. From steam lines to chiller lines, active and abandoned, FM supports over 8.8 miles of those delivery service not including electric. Domestic water (84596 Lft), storm water and sewer (414020 Lft) comprise a few others. FM also supports over 10 miles of State, County, City and W&M owned roads from paved to gravel as well as 47 miles of sidewalks, walkways and paths.  Additionally, FM maintains over 5500 parking spaces, on streets in lots and in garages.
But all this couldn’t be complete without a professional, responsible and skilled work force.  FM is comprised of five departments and employs approximately 315 full-time employees with temps to assist in times when needed.