Medical Withdrawals & Medical Clearance

Full and Partial Medical Withdrawals

A student who is unable to complete the requirements for registered classes in a semester due to a documented medical situation may petition for a full withdrawal from the College. The Medical Review Subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Status reviews the student’s written request and written recommendation of a physician and/or an appropriate healthcare professional. Students considering this type of withdrawal should consult with a Dean of Students staff member. A full medical withdrawal is not counted in the College’s 10-semester rule. A medical leave of absence applies for a withdrawal between terms. Medical clearance will be required in order for the student to re-enroll at the College after a full medical withdrawal. Partial medical withdrawal petitions must be submitted by the last day of class. Full medical withdrawal petitions must be submitted within 12 months. All required documentation is contained within the electronic petition below.
Full and Partial Medical Withdrawal Petition

Medical Clearance

Re-enrollment following a full medical withdrawal is contingent upon a medical clearance procedure. The Medical Review Committee reviews student petitions for medical clearance in order to determine if the student can safely return to the College. Petitions must be submitted by the dates listed below. Re-enrollment may also be contingent upon additional restrictions or requirements for the student’s safety and success. All required documentation is contained within the electronic petition below.
Medical Clearance Petition

Deadlines for Medical Clearance

Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: November 15
Summer Term: April 15