Frequently Asked Questions

Are Care Support Services meetings confidential?

The information shared with the Care Support Services office does not fall under the same confidentiality levels of a healthcare provider or psychotherapist/counselor. Every effort is made to protect your privacy and the information discussed will only be shared in the context of assisting the student. The Care Support Services office will share information on a need-to-know basis. In order to coordinate services, written releases of information are signed by the student, when necessary.

Please Note: Liz Cascone, Director of The Haven, serves as a confidential resource for students impacted by sexual violence and harassment, relationship abuse and intimate-partner violence, stalking, and other gender-based discrimination.

How are Care Support Services accessed?

Currently enrolled students can be referred to Care Support Services by using the Report Concerns or Violations site.

What are some signs that may warrant a referral to Care Support Services?

Academic concerns: marked decline in academic performance, inability to cope with academic pressures, communication that is concerning, missing classes/assignments, continual seeking of special provisions, disorganized or erratic performance.

Behavioral concerns: disruptive behavior, disturbing conduct, verbal or physical harassment, shift in mood that is sudden or significant, concerning use of alcohol and/or other drugs, self-harming behavior, risk-taking behaviors, thoughts or threats of harming others, disorganized speech/nonsensical conversation, emotional/physical outbursts, changes in personal hygiene/sleep/eating

Social/Emotional concerns: relationship issues, loss of family member or friend, verbal/physical/sexual abuse, depression that seems more than just the blues, thoughts or threats of suicide.

What happens when I submit a report?

When a report is submitted it is:

  1. Routed in real time to the Dean of Students Office
  2. Reviewed during normal business hours to identify the specific concerns reported
  3. Assigned for follow-up

Frequently, the Dean of Students Office will consult with the reporting person for additional information. A representative from the Dean of Students Office meets with the student to assess receptivity to assistance and make referrals as appropriate. It is important to remember that in many situations we will not be able to provide detailed follow-up information to the reporting person. We will share this on a need-to-know basis.

What should I expect if I refer a student for Care Support Services?

We will reach out to the student and determine what type of follow-up is needed. In most cases, we will provide support services to the student which may range from connecting a student to on-campus and/or community resources to providing on-going support services to the student. Often, students welcome the intervention and are thankful to have faculty/staff members who care about them. While we are not always able to keep the reporting person’s identity confidential, we do not directly disclose the reporter’s identity.

What should I include in my referral report?

In order to protect the safety of all parties involved, reports cannot be made anonymously. A reporter must include their first and last name, telephone number, and email address. They should also provide a detailed description of the involved student’s situation.

Where is the Care Support Services office located?

Care Support Services is located in Room 107 in the Campus Center. To visit, please schedule an appointment at the Dean of Students Office, Room 109 in the Campus Center, or call (757) 221-2510.

Who is eligible for Care Support Services?

All William & Mary students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible for Care Support Services. When a student is referred, the Care Support office will arrange a meeting with the student to assess his/her needs and to determine the type of and frequency of services needed.