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Medical Withdrawals & Medical Clearance

Full and Partial Medical Withdrawals

Partial Medical Withdrawal: Last day of classes
Full Medical Withdrawal: Last day of exams
Medical Leave of Absence: Deadline does not apply (see below)


Partial Medical Withdrawal: a withdrawal from one or more classes in a semester due to documented medical circumstances

If the total number of credit hours would go below full-time (12), "Partial Medical Withdrawal to Underload" must be selected. Partial medical withdrawals petitions cannot be submitted retroactively. 

Full Medical Withdrawal: a withdrawal from all classes in a semester due to documented medical circumstances

Medical Leave of Absence: a full medical withdrawal requested between semesters

The Medical Review Committee reviews the student’s statement and written recommendation of an appropriate healthcare provider (link to healthcare provider assessment forms below). Students considering this type of withdrawal should consult with a Care Support Services staff member.

Please note the following: Medical clearance will be required in order for the student to re-enroll at the university after a full medical withdrawal/leave of absence. A full medical withdrawal is not counted in the university’s 10-semester rule. Full medical withdrawal petitions can be submitted retroactively within 12 months of the requested semester.

Full and Partial Medical Withdrawal Petition

Medical Clearance

Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: November 15
Summer Term: April 15


Re-enrollment following a full medical withdrawal requires medical clearance. The Medical Review Committee reviews student petitions, which includes written recommendation(s) from appropriate healthcare provider(s), for medical clearance in order to determine if the student can safely return to the university (link to healthcare provider assessment forms below). Petitions must be submitted by the dates listed above. Once medically cleared, a re-enrollment form must be submitted to return as an active student. Re-enrollment may also be contingent upon additional healthcare provider recommendations for the student’s safety and success. 

Medical Clearance Petition


Healthcare Provider Assessment Form (Non-psychological)

Healthcare Provider Assessment Form - Withdrawal (Psychological)

Healthcare Provider Assessment Form - Clearance (Psychological)

For support, Care Support Services can be reached via phone or e-mail at 757-221-2511 and [[care]].