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Board Working Groups

  • Made up of a chair, vice chair of board affairs, vice chair of board operations, and a financial advisor/secretary
  • Offers leadership and direction for the entire board
  • Establishes annual board goals and affiliated working groups
  • Ensures working groups are making progress and meeting goals
  • Partners with the Washington Center team to address any needs of or issues raised by the Advisory Board
  • Participates in regular communication with the Washington Center team to understand and help address current Center needs
  • Updates, communicates, and maintains Board bylaws 
  • Updates, communicates, and maintains Board meeting calendar
  • Plans and leads Board meetings, ensuring active participation and productivity
Board Development
  • New member recruiting/onboarding
  • Current member satisfaction/engagement
  • Raise $50,000 this year (in addition to board members’ annual contributions) towards an estimated $200,000 annual scholarship funding need.
  • Increase active Center ambassadors by 10, including board members, and increase participation of current ambassadors to 90%.
  • Maximize the number of Board members providing professional counsel/expertise annually by mentoring, attending a networking event, speaking in a class, or facilitating connections to other well-placed professionals for said purpose.
  • Connect 12 new internship employers to the Washington Center for student opportunities
  • Represent the Center/Board by attending (and presenting when appropriate) 20 W&M events, panels, etc. beyond the Washington Center
  • Provide introductions/connections to the Center to increase/enhance existing or create new programming