Board Committees

  • Create and maintain the Strategic Plan of the Advisory Board that aligns with the Mission and Goals
  • Establish Committees and Committee chairs, act as a sounding board for Committee chairs and oversee activities of the Committees to achieve success against the stated Mission and Goals of the Advisory Board
  • Partner with the Washington Center staff to address any needs of or issues raised by the Advisory Board
  • Establish open and regular communication with the Center staff to raise Center needs and identify Board members to address the needs
  • Communicate and maintain By-laws of the Advisory Board
  • Plan and lead Board meetings, ensuring active participation and productivity 
Board Development
  • Develop pipeline of outstanding and diverse candidates
  • Manage recruitment, commitment, and onboarding process
  • Raise an endowment to create a permanent, sustainable funding stream to close 100% of the financial aid gap for Center students
  • Fundraise for additional programming and events, in close coordination with Advancement
Communications & Marketing
  • Engage with Alumni Engagement and other faculty and staff on campus
  • Recruit DC-area alumni/families/friends to enhance students’ experiences in DC, including identifying speakers/site visits and recruiting mentors, internship opportunities, and job leads
  • Connect students and alumni with each other
  • Connect alumni with faculty and staff to build networks and careers
  • Advise Center staff on how to measure and communicate value of Center services
  • Help Center staff understand the “voice of the alumnus” through surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Propose and help Center staff with Marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the Washington Center across area alumni and on Campus
  • Help Center staff develop a long-term innovation agenda for the Center, gathering input from diverse group of thought leaders and stakeholders and assisting Center staff in evaluating initiatives/programs/ideas for feasibility, cost, and fit with Center priorities and student demand
  • Help Center staff create new and innovative programs and events to complement existing offerings in DC and on campus.
  • Provide guidance on addressing specific challenges facing the Center