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W&M Washington Center Advisory Board

BOARD Announcement

Support the Washington Center by helping strengthen the Center’s academic opportunities for William & Mary students, expand connections among members of the W&M community, and raise the profile and plan for the continued success of the Center.

The W&M Washington Center Advisory Board strives to:

  1. Help enhance the Center as W&M’s “Campus in the City” – a forum where the W&M community – students, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and administrators – engage with one another to build networks and support career opportunities.

  2. Advise Center staff on ways to embrace the W&M mission and further the institution’s innovation goals by creating cutting-edge programs and learning opportunities.

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Goal 1 – SUPPORT

Provide input for maximizing DC students’ opportunities and experiences that significantly enhance their learning and career possibilities.

  • Participate in creating a permanent, sustainable funding stream that closes 100% of the financial aid gap for Study in DC students and enables additional programming and events.

  • Advise Center staff on how to maximize, measure, and communicate the value of the Center’s mentorship, internship, and networking services for students.

  • Leverage the Advisory Board’s network to maximize the number and diversity of alumni, parents, and friends who mentor students, provide high-quality internship and job leads for students, and serve as speakers for Study in DC courses.

Goal 2 - CONNECT

Advise Center staff on ways to embrace the W&M mission and further the institution’s innovation goals by creating cutting-edge programs and learning opportunities.
  • Help devise and execute an awareness campaign in partnership with Center staff and the Office of Alumni Engagement to establish and maintain regular communication with the W&M community.

  • Attend DC-area alumni events, representing and promoting the Center.

  • Share with Center staff “the alumni voice” to help them understand what alumni, parents, and friends seek from the Center and how they would like to engage.

  • In full partnership with faculty and administrators across the university, help develop opportunities for the W&M community to leverage the Center to connect with each other and to take advantage of our “DC campus.”


Help Center staff build the future of the Center, better enabling it to embrace the W&M innovation goals to create cutting-edge programs and learning opportunities.

  • Share ideas for creating a long-term innovation agenda for the Center that supports the university’s strategic plan and further strengthens W&M’s reputation as a leading liberal arts university in the 21st century.

  • Serve as a “brain trust” for the Center, generating ideas for maximizing student enrollment and creating innovative experiential learning opportunities to complement existing Study in DC offerings.

  • Advise Center staff on evaluating new learning opportunities for feasibility, cost, and fit with Center priorities and student demand, with final prioritization to be determined by W&M’s Provost or designee and Center staff.

  • Partner with Center staff to build excitement and momentum within the W&M community for the top priority opportunities and, in coordination with University Advancement, work to raise additional funds for approved initiatives as necessary.

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  • [[roxane,Roxane O. Adler Hickey]], Interim Director, Washington Center & Director of Programs, BOARD LIAISON
  • Scott Wilkinson '94 MBA '99, Board Chair 
  • Kayla Sharpe '17, Board Development Committee Chair