W&M Washington Center Core Values 

These principles are truly important to us and guide our actions.

We are committed employees of the W&M Washington Center, The College of William & Mary, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through consistent perseverance, we aim to be professional, credible, and dependable colleagues/administrators.

Humility:  We believe in proactively admitting mistakes and learning from them, so as not to repeat them  because there can be honor in failure if handled well. We believe in showing compassion to others when they make mistakes.

Independence:  We are a collective team of employees with individual achievement goals and strive to be the best at what we do. We value the importance of each person’s creative contributions and the ownership that each person should have over his/her own work.

Leadership/Innovation:  We try to demonstrate proactive leadership with all our efforts and activities. We strive to create and sustain new opportunities that will benefit the entire W&M community.

Meaning:  Our center is a place for students, faculty, alumni, and staff to find happiness in what they do.  Whether through personal accomplishments, interpersonal relationships, or teamwork, we want this center to be a place where we, and others, want to be. We aim for our center to be a positive place, filled with optimism, and a “no problem” attitude. 

Respect:  We are always respectful of our students, alumni, and colleagues in Washington and in Williamsburg  and proactively develop and improve our relationships with these groups. We are always open minded towards others of all backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations. 

Teamwork:  We are a team, striving for common goals with a singular purpose in mind. We trust and support one another, and believe that through strong interpersonal relationships – and everyone pitching in on every task – we can do great things for the university.