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William & Mary Washington Center Core Values 

                                                  W&M Washington Center Core Values

The William & Mary Washington Center is committed to excellence.  Our programs and initiatives are designed for the W&M community to flourish through fulfilling, high-impact experiences and personal balance.  The university’s mission and values guide our practices and we believe in continuous reflection to steer the Center forward with innovation. 

In our planning, communications, operations, and daily interactions, we are:

  • Purposeful: We are intentional and thoughtful about everything we do. 
  • Welcoming: We are collaborative, cohesive, and open-minded, allowing our Center to grow and thrive. We are positive, supportive, encouraging, and we have fun. Diversity is celebrated and inclusion is integral.
  • Thoughtful: We are considerate, and we treat everyone with kindness and respect. Humility, honesty, trust, and teamwork are the foundation of our relationships.
  • Conscientious: We are transparent, and we operate with integrity. Our constituents and partners can trust us to honor our word and to hold ourselves accountable in our processes and decisions.
  • Strategic: We are reflective of past experiences, use data to guide decisions, consider larger connections, look towards the future, and take risks.

Read W&M's Vision, Mission, & Values Statement here.