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Class of 2015

Senior research topics, honors, and what's next:

1. William Frederick Bergan pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS/MATH, 2015 recipient of Thomas Jefferson Prize in Natural Philosophy, 2015 recipient of Don Edward Harrison Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics, Advisor: Nelson, “Measurements of the Lead-Hydrocarbon Cross Section Ratio for Charged-Current Neutrino Interactions.”  Ph.D. in Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 

2. Paulo Jared Black pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, “Flux Investigations for Neutrino Experiments in the NuMI Beam.” Masters in Materials Science, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk, VA

3. Amanda Lee Collins pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Armstrong, “Orchestrated Objective Reduction: Quantum Physics and its Implications in Human Consciousness.” Taking two years off to work until returning to school to pursue a doctoral degree in either Geophysics or Biophysics

4. Oscar James Deaver pdf, *MS, BS-MATH/PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, “Uniformity and Crosstalk in Multi-Anode Photomultiplier Tubes.” Masters in Aerospace Program with the intent to enter the aerospace industry, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

5. Daniel Michael Duane pdf, *PBK, BS-PHYS/GOVT, Advisor: Hinders “Analysis of Lamb Waves in Sea Ice.” Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

6. Conner McKenzie Geery pdf, BS-PHYS/RLST, Advisor: Lukaszew, “Thin Film Characterizations Using XRD: The Cases of VO2 and NbTiN.” NTT Data in Information Technology

7. David Joseph Geroski pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS/MATH, Advisor: Zhang “Persistent Population Biases in Branching Random Walk Algorithms.” System Engineer, Raytheon Co. in Tewksbury, MA

8. Andrew Robert Hall pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Aubin, “High Current Switch.” Rustic Pathways Thailand Program, Thailand

9. Christopher Randolf Haufe pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck “GEANT4 Simulation of Detector Properties in the MOLLER Experiment.” Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

10. Rachel Jordan Hyneman pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, 2015 recipient of Don Edward Harrison Jr. Award for Excellence in Physics, “Near Field Effects in Radio Frequency Emission from Particle Showers in a Dense Medium.” Ph.D. in Particle Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

11. Cora Marie Karamitsos pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Nelson, “Calibration of the MINERvA Test Beam and Verification of Medium Energy Geometries.” Math Teacher with Teach for America, North Carolina

12. Brandon Taylor Kriesten pdf, (Honors) BS-PHYS, Advisor: Vahle, “A Study of the Cosmic Ray Rate in the CHIPS-M Prototype Detector.” Ph.D. in High Energy Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

13. Keyi Liu pdf, BS-PHYS/MATH pdf, Advisor: Erlich, “Holographic Models of Unconventional Materials.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

14. Sahnun Hassan Mohamud pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Pagola, “The Structural Analysis of Charge Transfer Salts from Synchrotron X-ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction Data.” Summer trip to Mogadishu, Somalia

15. Alice Elizabeth Perrin pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Deconinck, 2015 recipient of Alumni Research Award, “3D Printing Scintillating Detectors for Field Emission Detection in Niobium SRF Cavities” Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

16. Matthew John Roberts pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Averett, “Solving the Mystery of the H1 Field.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

17. Kelly Nicole Roman pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Novikova, “Entangling Photons via Four-Wave Mixing in a Rubidium Vapor Cell.” Curriculum & Instruction Program to earn Master in Education (MAEd) degree in Secondary Science, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

18. Anuraag Sensharma pdf, *PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Erlich “Dante's Waterfall: A Hybrid Model of Inflation.” Curriculum & Instruction Program to earn Master in Education (MAEd) degree in Secondary Science School of Education, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

19. Shaan Yogesh Sharma pdf, BS-PHYS/INTR, Advisor: Lukaszew “Taming of Monsters: Expansion of the Applications of Fractal Geometry.”

20. Andrew Nolan Smith pdf, (Honors), *MS, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Averett, “Studies of Polarized 3He Cell Lifetimes.” 

21. David Andrew Specht pdf, (Honors), *PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: Cooke, “Growth and Characterization of Gold Nanostructures Produced from Diatomaceous Algae.” Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

22. Marcus Sundar Starman pdf, (Honors), Advisor: Deconinck,  “Effects of Hyperons on Pion Asymmetries Measured in the Qweak Experiment.” 

23. Sean Choong-Seoup Youn pdf, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Cooke, “Characterization of Diffuse Optical Tomography Scans using NIRFAST.”

24. Christopher Gregory Zoghby pdf, (Honors), BS-PHYS, Advisor: Erlich    “Production of B-Modes in the CMB from Physics Beyond the Standard Model.” Take a year off and then planning to apply to graduate school

*MS – Monroe Scholar
 - James Monroe Scholars are the most academically distinguished undergraduates at the College of William & Mary. Other selection criteria include a concern for community, intellectual depth, curiosity, and a demonstrated devotion to learning for learning's sake.
*PBK – Phi Beta Kappa
- The nation's oldest Greek-letter fraternity was founded by William & Mary students. At present, members of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter number more than a thousand. Up to seven percent of the senior class at William & Mary are elected to membership each year. Selection is based largely on scholarship.