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Quantum Information Science & Engineering


Quantum Sensing

Prof. Seth Aubin -- experiment
Quantum gases, laser cooling & trapping, atom chips, atom interferometry, parity violation.

Prof. Todd Averett -- experiment
Nuclear physics, polarized nuclear targets. 

Prof. Eugeniy Mikhailov -- experiment
Quantum optics, squeezed light, quantum imaging, precision measurements.

Prof. Irina Novikova -- experiment
Quantum optics, optical magnetometry, electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), slow light.

Quantum Materials

Prof. Hyun Tak Kim -- experiment
Experimental condensed matter physics, quantum information science and technology.

Prof. Mumtaz Qazilbash -- experiment
Near field infrared and optical microscopy, correlated electron systems.

Prof. Enrico Rossi -- theory
Topological insulators, graphene, superconductivity, quantum Hall states.

Prof. Shiwei Zhang -- theory
Fermi-Hubbard model, quantum Monte Carlo, computational physiscs.

Quantum Computing

Prof. Kostas Orginos -- theory
Lattice QCD, computational physics

Prof. George Vahala -- theory
Quantum computing algorithms, plasma physics, fluid dynamics (classical and quantum).

Quantum Science in other departments

Prof. Nathan Kidwell, Chemistry 
Laser-molecule interactions, quantum state control of molecules and reactions.

Prof. Chi-Kwong Li, Mathematics 
Quantum computing, matrix analysis, operator theory, combinatorial theory.

Prof. Qun Li, Computer Science 
Edge computing, operating systems, deep learning, security & privacy, quantum computing.

Prof. Bin Ren, Computer Science 
High-performance computing, parallel computing, machine learning, quantum computing.