Research Groups

Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics
Experiment:   S. Aubin, W. Cooke, I. Novikova
Theory:  J. Delos

Condensed Matter Experiment
G. Hoatson, D. Manos, R. Lukaszew, M. Qazilbash

Condensed Matter Theory
H. Krakauer, S.  Zhang, E. Rossi

Nuclear and Hadronic Experiment
D. Armstrong, T. Averett, W. Deconinck, K. Griffioen, C. Perdrisat, J. Stevens

Nuclear and Hadronic Theory
C. Carlson, J. Dudek, K. Orginos, P. Shanahan

High Energy Experiment
J. Nelson, M. Kordosky, P. Vahle

High Energy Theory
C. Carone, J. Erlich, M. Sher

Plasma and Nonlinear Physics
S. Mordijck, E. Tracy, G. Vahala