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High Energy Theory Group

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN discovered the Higgs boson, a particle associated with the field responsible for the masses of all the elementary particles.  The image above is of a candidate Higgs event, from the CMS experiment.Faculty
Christopher D. Carone (PhD Harvard, 1994)
Marc Sher (PhD Colorado, 1980)
Joshua Erlich (PhD MIT, 1999)

Our research in high energy theory focuses on physics beyond the standard model and its experimental consequences. Recent research topics include:

  •  Electroweak symmetry breaking
  •  Extra dimensions
  •  Noncommutative spacetime
  •  Lorentz violation
  •  Supersymmetry and unified theories
  •  Higgs physics
  •  Holographic Models of Particle Physics and Superconductivity
  •  Particle physics applications of cosmology
  • Quantum theories of gravity

For recent publications, click here

  • Shikha Chaurasia
  • Tangereen Claringbold
  • Marco Merchand medina
  • Yiyu Zhou