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Irina Novikova

Professor of Physics

Office: Small Hall 251
Email: [[physics|inovikova]]
Office Phone: 757-221-3693
Webpage: {{}}

Research Interests

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics experiments


Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, Russia; Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Refereed Papers Published

1.   G. Romanov, T. Horrom, I. Novikova, E.E. Mikhailov, “Propagation of a squeezed optical field in the medium with superluminal group velocity,” Optics Letters 39, 1093-1096 (2014).

2.   L. Wang, I. Novikova, J. M. Klopf, S. Madaras, E. Madaras, G. P. Williams, J. Lu, S. Wolf and R. A. Lukaszew, “Distinct Length Scales in the VO2 Metal-Insulator Transition Revealed by Bi-chromatic Optical Probing,”  Adv. Opt. Materials 2, 30-33 (2014).

3.   E.E. Mikhailov, J. Evans, D. Budker, S.M. Rochester, and I. Novikova, “Four-wave mixing in a ring cavity,” Opt. Eng., 53(10), 102709 (2014).