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Enrico Rossi

Professor of Physics

Office:: Small Hall 153
Email:: [[erossi]]
Office Phone:: 757-221-3515
Webpage: {{}}


Ph.D, University of Texas, Austin 2005

Research Interest:  Condensed Matter Theory

Refereed Papers Published
  • J. Zhang, C. Triola, E. Rossi
    “Proximity effect in graphene-topological insulator heterostructures”
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 096802 (2014).
  • C. Triola, E. Rossi, A. V. Balatsky
    “Effect of a spin-active interface on proximity-induced superconductivity in topological insulators
    Phys. Rev. B. 89, 165309 (2014)
  • M. Rodriguez-Vega, J. Fischer, S. Das Sarma, E. Rossi
    “Ground state of graphene heterostructures in the presence of random charged impurities”
    Phys. Rev. B 90, 035406 (2014).
  • E. Radue, L. Wang, S.Kittiwatanakul, J. Lu, S.A. Wolf, E. Rossi, R.A. Lukaszew, I. Novikova
    “Substrate-induced microstructure effects on the dynamics of the photo-induced Metal-insulator transition in VO2 thin films”
    Journal of Optics 17, 025503 (2015).