For the most current information about courses offered in History, please consult the College's Dynamic Schedule Website and the A&S Graduate Course Catalog.

Students will take reading seminars, research seminars, and a core course in method and theory, Graduate seminars offered in 2015-16 include 

  • Benes: The Historian’s Craft
  • Vinson: Global Color Line
  • Aubert: The Atlantic World
  • Ely: African-American History to Reconstruction
  • Piker: Early Native American History
  • Bishara: Microhistory & Global History
  • Mapp: Internationalizing Am Rev
  • Corney: Teaching History
  • Grasso: Early American Republic
  • Meyer: Modern U.S.
  • Pope: Americans & the Ancient Past
  • Chouin: W African Societies & Early Atlantic World
  • Kitamura: America in the World
  • Rushforth: Comparative Slavery