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Graduate Student Bios and Research

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Bailey, Hannah
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Brett Rushforth
Current Research: French Atlantic, Comparative and Transnational, Race and Ethnicity


Bell, Frances
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Hannah Rosen
email: frbell@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Atlantic World, Race and Ethnicity, Diaspora and Migration


Boyce, Kathleen
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Adrienne Petty
email: klboyce@email.wm.edu
Current Research: American History; Sports, Recreation, and Leisure; Environmental History

Rebecca Toy

Capobianco Toy, Rebecca
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Dr. Hannah Rosen
email: rlcapobianco@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Civil War memory, Reconstruction, public history
Website: https://civildiscourse.squarespace.com/blog?author=5ca6eb0515fcc0b503032d53&p?author=5ca6eb0515fcc0b503032d53&p


Cartwright, Katherine
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura
email: kscartwright@email.wm.edu
Current Research: History of Children and Youth, America in the World, History of Education


Case, Timothy
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Dr. Melvin Ely
Email: tacase@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Civil War Memory Spatial History Religion in America


Chrysanthis, Thalia
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Chris Grasso
Current Research: United States, Legal, Cultural


Conner, G. Jasper
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Mel Ely
Current Research: African-American, Disability, Labor


Donovan, Sarah
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Paul Mapp
email: sfdonovan@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early American Frontier, Extralegal Violence

Emanuel, Phillip
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Nicholas Popper
email: plemanuel@email.wm.edu
Current Research: History of the Book, Atlantic World


Estreicher, Justin
Ph. D. Student
Advisor: Andrew Fisher
Email: jtestreicher@email.wm.edu
Current Research: United States, Native American/Indigenous Peoples, Cultural/Intellectual


Gibson, Amanda W.
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Scott Reynolds Nelson
Current Research: Capitalism, Economic, African American, Cultural/Intellectual


Goldberger, Tyler J.
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura
email: tjgoldberger@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Historical Memory, Nationalism and National Identity, America in the World


Gruntner, Holly
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: hlgruntner@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America, History of Science, Intellectual History


Guerci, Mark
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Carol Sheriff
Email: mtguerci@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Nineteenth Century America; Slavery and Abolition; Memory

W&M Cypher

Jockel, Joan
Ph.D. Student
advisor: Karin Wulf
Current Research: British Atlantic, Gender and Sexuality, Race

Ali Macdonald

Macdonald, Alexandra M.
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Nicholas S. Popper
Email: ammacdonald@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early Modern Britain and Europe, Atlantic World, Material Culture

Mac Marquis

Marquis, David Mac
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Cindy Hahamovitch
email: djmarquis@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Twentieth Century U.S., Labor, MIgration, and Capitalism


McCullough, Morgan
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: mtmccullough@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America, Bodies, Women

Jen Motter

Motter, Jennifer
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Karin Wulf
Email: jamotter@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early Modern Dutch Empire, Atlantic World, History of Knowledge


Mulligan, Mark
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Christopher Grasso
Email: mmulligan@email.wm.edu
Current Research: History of Religion, Early Modern Atlantic, Early New England


Olsen-Harbich, Peter Jakob
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Joshua Piker
email: pjolsenharbich@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Indigenous Political Economy; Early American Exploration & Contact; Comparative Philology


Oxford, Mitchell Edward
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Christopher Grasso
email: meoxford@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Religion in Early America; American Catholicism; Francophone Communities in Early America


Pellissier, Marie
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: mapellissier@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America; Women & Gender; Public History, Memory and the Digital Humanities


Pittman, Kayla
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Joshua Piker
email: kmpittman@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Native American/ Indigenous Peoples, Woman & Gender, Race & Ethnicity


Powell, Anne
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: acpowell@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America, Puritans, history of religion


Rick, James J.
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Charles McGovern
Email: jjrick@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Nineteenth-Century US, Capitalism, Technology


Schwartz, Kaila Knight
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Dr. Karin Wulf
email: kkschwartz@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America, children and the family, religion


Sease, Kasey
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Adrienne Petty
Email: kmsease@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Cultural/ Intellectual, History of Capitalism, History of Science and Technology


Simmons, Shea
M.A. Student
Advisor: Paul Mapp
Email: sksimmons@email.wm.edu


Slattery, Samuel
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Paul Mapp
Current Research: Early North American History; Urban History; Fortifications

Emily Sneff

Sneff, Emily
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: ejsneff@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Early America, Material Culture, History of the Book


Snyder, Kathryn
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Scott Nelson
Current Research: Women, performance, and early modern/colonial drama


Telling, Katy
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Dr. Karin Wulf
email: kstelling@email.wm.edu
Current Research: 18th/17th c. Women/Gender; Early American Religions; Colonial South


Tonat, Ian
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Joshua Piker
email: ietonat@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Native American / Indigenous Peoples, Early America, North American West


Warren, Elliot
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Paul Mapp
email: ejwarren@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Atlantic world, revolutions, early capitalism


Wells, Emily
Ph.D. Student (ABD)
Advisor: Karin Wulf
email: epwells@email.wm.edu
Current Research: Education; Material Culture; Women, Gender, and Sexuality


Werner, Kai
Ph.D. Student
Advisor: Josh Piker
Current Research: Borderlands, Native American, American West