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Undergraduate Program

In the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program, we explore the roles gender and sexuality play in human experiences, through interdisciplinary, international, and intersectional approaches. Many of our courses are small seminars and discussion-centered, so that students become agile thinkers who can move beyond static thinking and restrictive boundaries. Students question norms, work together to create community action projects, and gain insight into identities in and through a web of relations to others, globally and locally.

Our goal is to spur undergraduate students to critically examine and challenge structural inequalities around gender and sexuality, in interaction with race, class, ethnicity and ability. In the classroom, students are acquainted with current scholarship in women, feminist, trans, queer and sexuality studies. The program also provides opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they gain from the classroom as they move through the world. Students are encouraged to engage in activism, undertake their own research projects, and to gain real-world experiences and perspectives through internships. Bridging theory and practice, the program nurtures unique critical thinking skills and cultural competencies, producing active learners and engaged thinkers who are equipped to creatively intervene in academia and beyond.

We offer a major, leading to a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a minor in GSWS, along with opportunities and courses that complement other fields that also benefit non-major students. Be sure to check out our topics courses. These change regularly and cover some of the most innovative thinking in the field.

Recent graduates have gone on to careers in law, government, social work, environmental activism, education, journalism and graduate programs in Queer and Feminist Studies, Literature, Psychology, Performance Studies, Media and Film.