Minor Requirements

A minor in GSWS is more than a loose collection of courses. Working closely with a GSWS advisor, you will build expertise in a specific interest, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, while meeting degree requirements for an academic minor.

The GSWS minor consists of a minimum of 19 credit hours. All students complete:

  • Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies (GSWS 205)
  • Approved electives

You may also complete an internship or independent study as part of your minor.

If you want to declare a GSWS minor, choose a GSWS advisor from our core or affiliated faculty lists. In consultation with your advisor, fill out two forms:

  1. Declaration of GSWS Minor (pdf) and
  2. Registrar's Declaration of Academic Minor (pdf).

These forms are also available in the GSWS office. Upon completion, leave a copy with your advisor and send another copy to the Office of the Registrar.