Majoring in GSWS

The GSWS major provides a strong interdisciplinary perspective and prepares you for employment or graduate study in many different fields. All GSWS majors:

  • Take GSWS 205, Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies
  • Take GSWS 405, Feminist Theory
  • Complete a research course or an internship

Beyond those core requirements, there are many courses and paths to choose from. You can study the concept of gender from an anthropological perspective. Or study global issues around women's health. Or come up with a degree focus that we haven't thought of yet.

Because our topic is so broad, it is important that you work with a faculty advisor when planning your courses. It helps if you are familiar with the lists of approved courses that fulfill the requirements.

To declare a GSWS major, first choose a GSWS advisor. In consultation with your advisor, complete the Declaration of GSWS Major (pdf) and Registrar's Declaration/Change of Major (pdf) forms. These forms are also available in the GSWS office. Upon completion, give a copy to your advisor and the Office of the Registrar.