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Onboarding New Hires

University Human Resources manages William & Mary's New Employee Orientation. Make sure your new hires go to that site to learn about orientation, benefits, how to get a temporary parking pass and other information to make their first few days here go smoothly. They will also get their ID during orientation, which will have their Banner ID number.

Department/Program New Hire Onboarding 

Onboarding Checklist [xls] - This spreadsheet details the actions your new hire will need to take to get working. The spreadsheet contains links, so be sure to give it to them digitally. The checklist is comprehensive, and not every employee will need every item. Go over it with them to make sure they understand the steps they need to take.

Getting them settled
  • Overview of job duties for position by using this Administrative Job Duties Guide [pdf]
  • Building Access: Give the new hire a key to their office, the building, and any other locked space they will need to access. You, your department chair or program director or the building supervisor can submit a work request to Work Control if new keys or other access is needed.
  • Add them to the Global University Directory
  • Ask them to update their personal info at the bottom of the Directory Page
  • Ask them to review the W&M Faculty Handbook [pdf] and the A&S Faculty Manual [pdf] to better understand their role in supporting faculty reviews, promotion process, higher-ed structure, etc.  
  • Add them to any departmental/program Teams chats or listservs.
  • Give them access to shared inboxes and calendars within your department
  • Make sure they sign up for any mandatory training they may need. 
  • Have them email to request access to Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)
IT needs

IT has webpages to guide faculty and staff to the IT resources they need. Office administrators need to

  • Order laptops or computers
  • Order unbundled software, especially Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Contact IT Support to get their new computer connected to all the network services they will need: G: Drive, printers, VPN, Duo, etc.
  • Qlik - make sure they get access to the Qlik data they need. See below for specific steps.
  • Request Access for Events Management System (EMS)- Reservation system for campus spaces, facilities, equipment, and events. Use Request IT or email [[itsupport]].
buyW&M Access

New administrators who will be making departmental purchases need to be set up with buyW&M. The instructions for logging into buyW&M for the first time and setting up your account are in this buyW&M Box folder. Be sure to also 

  • Get set up in buyW&M as a requester- Submit a buyW&M help desk ticket, requesting that they make you a requester for your position. 
  • Set-up default address- Click on the “System Navigation and User profile” folder and select “Ship to and Bill to addresses” 
Remote Work

Employees with some level of telework associated with their role must have a Remote Work Agreement on file with the university.

Process for requesting a remote work arrangement:
Remote work arrangements must comply with the University’s Remote Work policy to include completion of the 1.) Remote Work Position Eligibility Assessment, 2.) Telecommuting Employee Expectations Agreement and 3.) Remote Work Agreement.  

Employees should review the policy and submit a Remote Work Agreement (RWA) request to their supervisor.

  • Employees: When completing the RWA, please route first to your supervisor and then to Sherri Powers ( 
  • Supervisors: Upon receipt of your employee’s Remote Work Agreement request via DocuSign, you will need to attach a completed Remote Work Position Eligibility Assessment along with a signed copy of the Telecommuting Employee Expectations Agreement (both employee and supervisor signatures) before advancing to the Dean’s Office. Following supervisor submission, the electronic agreement requests will be routed automatically to the Dean’s Office for review.  

Additional information and what to expect after submitting your RWA request:
The Dean’s Office, in conjunction with Human Resources and department leadership, will review position eligibility and communicate approval status.  

  • Eligibility for remote work must reflect the best interest first of the university, then the division, department, specific role, and, finally, considerations around individual employees. Not all roles are suitable for remote work.
  • Employees may only be considered for remote work after being in the position for a minimum of 6 months AND after demonstrating an ability to self-motivate and work productively on their own. Employees with performance issues should not be considered for remote work.
  • To support Arts & Sciences’ interests and ability to foster in-person community, staff generally are expected to be in the office a minimum of four days per week.  
  • Employees should not be permitted to work remotely outside of their authorized remote workday(s) each week. If an individual is approved for 1 day/week, they are expected to be in the office the other 4 days.
  • Individual staff position responsibilities will be considered by supervisors and the Dean’s Office, and additional remote workdays per week may be authorized based on the needs of the A&S unit and specific position. Factors taken into consideration include:
    • The ability to supervise the employee effectively
    • Whether any duties require use of certain equipment or tools that cannot be replicated at home (please note that the university will not provide duplications of equipment for home office)
    • Whether the position directly supports students and faculty
    • If there is a need for face-to-face interaction and coordination of work with other employees, and/or in-person interaction with outside colleagues, clients, students, or customers is necessary
    • Whether the remote work arrangement will impact service quality or unit operations
  • Remote work generally should not be authorized in response to an employee’s need to stay home due to illness. If the employee isn’t well enough to come into work, it is recommended that they take a sick day or use paid leave. Those with health or other circumstances that qualify for ADA accommodations must formally request an exemption from in-person work. Please contact HR directly to discuss requests for accommodation. If you have an ongoing medical need that may require accommodation, please submit a request to HR at ADA Accommodation Request.
  • Remote work arrangements may be rescinded by the supervisor with 2 weeks’ prior notice (stemming from performance issues, changing needs of the position/unit, etc.). 
A&S Communications 
Some listservs like the W&M Digest and fas-d are automatically updated with new hires. You will need to ask to be added to others. 
  • Contact [[aldetwiler, Amy Detwiler]], the dean’s office Office Manager, to add staff to asdept-l-request list server,
  • The Senior Field Administrator will add new folks to the A&S administrator teams group chat.  
How to Purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro (or other discounted software)
  • Log in to Request IT
  • Sign in 
  • Buy Something 
  • Desktop Software 
  • Software Purchase 
  • Fill in 
  • Banner Index 
  • Requesting Department 
  • Building 
  • Room 
  • Select “Adobe Acrobat Pro” (or other software) from dropdown menu 
  • Click “Add to cart” 
  • Click “Next” 
  • Review and Submit 
How to make sure new hires get access to the Qlik data they need
  • The A&S Dean’s Office will request access to finance information, but the new hire will need to request access [qualtrics] to the Student streams:
  • Tiles needed for Student Stream
    • Student Class Roster 
    • Class Roster History
    • Course Schedule
    • Enrollment Management
    • General Student
    • Graduation
    • Registration Trends
    • Justification: Course scheduling purposes, data for faculty members and preparation for graduation. 
Request Access for PeopleAdmin

For People Admin hiring official access for your dept/prog, please send an email to askHR requesting to be added as a hiring official. You will also need to request access to all positions (on the position management side) and provide your org number.