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W&M's data discovery tool

The Budget Status App allows users to track budgets and expenses, discover trends and anomalies, and quickly make year-by-year comparisons.QLIK (QLIK.WM.EDU)

To meet the diverse and extensive reporting needs of the university, William & Mary uses Qlik (pronounced "Click"), a data discovery tool, to ensure effective and efficient decisions. Qlik Sense is the specific product we use to combine, analyze, and visualize institutional data.

Qlik Sense can easily extract and merge data from multiple sources, bridging gaps that previously required manual and inefficient processes. Users can search and filter data to generate an endless variety of result sets to quickly identify trends, anomalies, and aggregations vital to their day-to-day decisions. Qlik Sense supports an assortment of visualizations, including tables, bar charts, pivot tables, line charts, gauges, maps, KPIs, and many more!

A library of data models exists and continues to evolve and expand. This provides governed access to admissions, financial, human resource management, student academic and demographic, and other university data. It includes a security component to ensure the right data is accessible to the right people.

Qlik Training

Ready to start using Qlik?  Take the training!  Go to Cornerstone and search for Qlik Sense in the Training section. 


Get Access to Qlik

The method to obtain access to Qlik will depend on the Qlik Subject Area you intend to access.

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Accounts Receivable

Request Qlik access via the Request Form.


Request Qlik access via the Request Form.


Send an email [[support]] with the subject line: Qlik Faculty Verification Access


For the following Qlik apps submit a Banner Admin Access request through Request IT.  

  • Budget Detail*
  • FOAPAL Hierarchies*
  • Grant Management*
  • Indexes*

For all other Finance Qlik apps email [[support]] with the subject line: Qlik Finance Access

* Access to these Qlik App’s is Fund/Org driven, if you have access to the Fund/Org within Banner you already have access in Qlik.  If you are unsure if you have the required Fund/Org access in Banner you can verify via the FINOPS tool.

Human Resources

Request Qlik access via the Request Form.


Request Qlik access via the Request Form.

Qlik App Availability

Qlik Apps are continually being built.  We are keeping a running list on our Qlik App Tracker page (part of the Qlik Implementation Project website).  

Help & Support

 Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm