Option B: Giving External Reviewers Access to Scholarship Materials Online

Instructions to Candidate

  • Upload your CV, research narrative, and scholarship materials to the dossier site.
  • Make a copy of the site.
  • Add the Dossier Manager to the copy site.
  • Once the Dossier Manager has added the redacted letters to the original site and you have had a chance to review them, upload the rest of your materials, including your teaching and service/government documents.
  • Once the Dossier Manager has informed you that the site is ready for review, the Chair/Program Director will meet with you to review the site and prepare the full Table of Contents of the dossier site. You and the Chair/Program Director will need to sign off on the Table of Contents
  • Once the Dossier Manager has uploaded the signed Table of Contents, you will need to make a final export package of the site for your records.