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Recruiting Event: Virginia Tech MACR graduate program

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Oct. 7, 10:00am-12:00, Sadler Center York Room. Prof. Shengfeng Cheng will introduce Virginia Tech's "MACR" graduate program in Macromolecular Science and Engineering.

Dr. Shengfeng Cheng
Applied Science Seminar: Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Polymers

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Oct. 7, 10:00-11:00am, Sadler Center York Room. Prof. Shengfeng Cheng from Virginia Tech (Physics Department/Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute) will speak about his research and introduce VT's "MACR" graduate program.

Expert panel demystifies Ebola myths

An interdisciplinary team of William & Mary experts gathered Wednesday night hoping to dispel fears through understanding.

student research
Summer Research Students 2014

Applied Science hosts summer internship for top-performing students in the life sciences from Williamsburg high schools.

2014 Plumeri Award Recipient

Christopher A. Del Negro, recipient of 2014 Plumeri Award for Faculty Excellence at William & Mary.

"Milking" Brown Recluse Spiders for Silk

Discovery Channel Canada airs a TV feature of our brown recluse silk project in their science show Daily Planet (7:00 pm show on March 10).

2013 Plumeri Award Recipient

Gregory D. Smith, recipient of 2013 Plumeri Award for Faculty Excellence at William & Mary.

Protein behavior might hold the key to synthetic silk

A trans-Atlantic collaboration of scientists has revealed the structure of a key protein of silk and discovered a previously unknown behavior of this protein: to self-organize into tiny fibrils a single molecule in diameter.

J-Lab scientist wins award for graphene invention developed at W&M

Like most inventors, Jefferson Lab scientist Xin Zhao's moment of inspiration was prompted by a need, and the result was an invention that could someday see batteries in electric vehicles and similar devices boosted or replaced by high-power, high-capacity, fast-charge/discharge energy storage systems using graphene.

W&M joins Virginia Nanoelectronics Center

The William & Mary group is part of a new industry-academia-government collaboration, the Virginia Nanoelectronics Center (ViNC). ViNC is based at the University of Virginia; the partnership also includes Old Dominion University.