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Key Questions for Phase III

Amid the rapid change brought on by COVID-19, William & Mary learned important lessons that will impact its strategic priorities for the future. Phase III: Vision into Action will address key questions that will guide strategy as the university emerges from pandemic. 

Key Questions for Post-Pandemic

How will it be? What will our community need at the end of the marathon? Potential needs include ...

  • Recovery and healing
  • "Roaring 20's" return to social life
  • "Post-war" transformation of the U.S. workforce and workplaces, via telework
  • In-person and place-based matter differently, used differently
  • Higher expectations of equity, wellness, antiracism, environmental stewardship
  • Higher urgency for civic education, to sustain democratic institutions

How does W&M turn the momentum of pandemic transformation into long-term advantages for our community?

  • Rapid transformation across the institution led to unprecedented success in crisis
  • Increased ability to create intimacy, community, via remote platforms
  • Increase in applications
  • For Liberal Arts & Sciences, new prominence in health sciences, data analytics, questions of ethics and equity, African American history, technology and communications
  • Research and evidence-based action shown to be essential in all walks of life and all sectors of the economy