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Environmental Analysis White Papers

Each environmental analysis subcommittee produced a white paper summary of their findings. The committees will discuss their findings at a strategic planning forum on January 30. Then on March 4, President Rowe playback feedback received on the white paper findings, highlighting areas of agreement and disagreement and gaps identified.

Feedback Analysis

Strategic Planning co-chairs: Peggy Agouris & Jeremy Martin
Analysis of White Paper Feedback (pdf)

Teaching & Learning
Subcommittee co-chairs: Steve Hanson & Cathy Forestell
Teaching & Learning White Paper (pdf)
Research & Innovation

Subcommittee co-chairs: Carl Friedrichs & Amy Sebring
Research & Innovation White Paper (pdf)

Flourishing & Engagement

Subcommittee co-chairs: Ginger Ambler & Suzanne Raitt
Flourishing & Engagement White Paper (pdf)