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About the Company

The Student Injury & Sickness Insurance Plan designed especially for the students of William & Mary is underwritten by UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR). UHCSR employs an on-site Student Insurance Coordinator at William & Mary who answer questions about the Student Insurance Plan, assist you with Enrollment or Waiver Request, claims issuescommon mistakes, and help you to understand the medical billing process.


UnitedHealthcare works to make the health care experience better for everyone involved. We combine our strength and stability with nearly three decades experience serving customers of all sizes. UHC utilizes robust web-based tools that simplify administrative and health programs as well as comprehensive networks offering access to high-quality physicians and hospitals.


UnitedHealthcare StudentResources has mastered the implementation and administration of student health insurance programs, supporting students at every step in the process. StudentResources, a stand-alone division of UnitedHealthcare, has a fully-staffed customer service call center and claims office dedicated to serving the student market. In addition, StudentResources employs an onsite Student Insurance Coordinator at William & Mary who is available to help. We offer an injury and sickness insurance plan designed for students tailored to meet the specifications of the university.

Customer Services/Claims

Students can speak with our Customer Service and Claims representatives by calling 1-800-767-0700 from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday. Students can also utilize the Self Service function of our recently upgraded and automated Interactive Voice Response system 24/7 to confirm coverage or to check on the status of a claim. You may also send an email to: or or you may mail correspondence to the addresses listed below.

Two-column table with one row
Plan Administration:
UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
2301 West Plano Parkway, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75075
Mail claims to:
UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
P.O. Box 809025
Dallas, TX 75380-9025

Students can also manage their health coverage online through MyAccount. Students can view coverage, claims and plan information, update personal information, submit accident details or other insurance information as well as generate an ID card or request a permanent replacement ID card all from MyAccount. Create MyAccount now or login to MyAccount.

For more information on the company, visit the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) home page or for specifics information about the W&M plan, visit the W&M's UHCSR page.