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Student Insurance

Insurance Requirement

The university requires all full-time undergraduate and graduate students and all F-1 or J-1 international students to have health insurance coverage throughout the entire school year as a condition of enrollment due to the extremely high cost of health care and the importance of adequate health insurance coverage. The school sponsors a comprehensive Student Insurance Plan as an option for these students. Every academic year, these students must either elect to enroll in or waive out of the Student Insurance Plan to comply with this requirement. Falsifying or misrepresenting insurance information is a violation of the Honor Code and will be reported.

Important Dates
First two columns for fall dates and second two columns for spring dates
Fall 2023 Spring 2024
Fall Insurance Billing Due Date


Spring Insurance Billing Due Date


Fall Final Waiver Deadline


Spring Final Waiver Deadline


Fall Final Enrollment Deadline


Spring Final Enrollment Deadline


The Student Insurance Waiver/Enrollment system is now opened for Waiver submissions for the 2023-2024 academic year. The Waiver period open on July 6. Don't delay, submit your Waiver Request today!  The Enrollment period is also now opened for submissions for the 2023-2024 year. Submit your online Opt-In Enrollment form now to activate your coverage with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources with an effective date of 08/01/2023!

How to Waive Out for 2023-2024

All New, Transfer, Readmitted and Continuing full-time students & all F-1/J-1 International students who want to waive out of the Student Insurance Plan for the 2023-2024 academic year because you already maintain other adequate health insurance coverage must submit an approved online 2023-2024 Student Insurance Waiver Request form by the Fall 2023 Insurance Billing Due Date listed above to avoid being billed the Health Insurance Policy-Fall charge to their Student Account.

Important Note: All full-time, fee paying students ARE eligible to use the services of the Student Health Center. Waiving the Student Insurance Plan DOES NOT affect eligibility for services at the Student Health Center.

How to Enroll for Fall 2023

All New, Transfer, Readmitted and Continuing full-time students & all F-1/J-1 International students who want to enroll in the Student Insurance Plan for the Fall 2023 academic term because you do NOT already maintain other adequate health insurance coverage must submit an approved online Fall 2023 Student Insurance Opt-In Enrollment form by the Fall 2023 Insurance Billing Due Date listed above to be billed the Health Insurance Policy-Fall charge to their Student Account and to ensure your timely insurance enrollment. You are financially responsible for the insurance policy fee and should pay the charge in a timely manner. (*All Continuing students must submit a Student Insurance Opt-In Form in BOTH July for Fall and December for Spring to ensure your continued insurance enrollment and billing for the student insurance coverage.

Current students should NOT purchase or pay for CONTINUATION coverage through their UHCSR MyAccount (self-service portal) because this coverage is ONLY for those who are no longer active students (withdrawn, on a leave of absence, or graduated). Active students should ALWAYS pay the Insurance Policy fee through their W&M Student Accounts for your UHCSR coverage.
Forgot to Waive or Enroll?

All Continuing & New, Transfer or Readmitted full-time students who do not submit either an approved Waiver or Enrollment form by the Fall 2023 Insurance Billing Due Date noted above will have the Health Insurance Policy-Fall charge posted to their Student Account and will be financially responsible for this charge UNLESS they file an approved Waiver Request by the Fall 2023 Final Waiver deadline.

Important Note: W&M will process Enrollments AFTER THE FINAL DEADLINES listed above for those who failed to waive or enroll, so students are strongly urged to submit the appropriate Student Insurance Waiver/Enrollment form by the Spring Insurance Billing due date to ensure your timely enrollment and to avoid a temporary lapse in coverage.

Insurance Eligibility

For the purpose of defining Student Insurance eligibility, full-time is defined by the university as undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours during the Fall, Spring & Summer academic terms and graduate students taking 9 or more credit hours during the Fall and Spring terms (or the equivalent of full-time study) and 6 or more credit hours during the Summer term (3 or more credit hours for A&S and VIMS graduate students).

Part-time, Continuous Enrollment students or students in an Online Program are not eligible for nor should they enroll in the Student Insurance Plan.

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased to remain eligible. Students in good standing who are actively engaged in academic study (Graduate Research or Dissertation) are considered by the university to be actively attending classes. Students must meet the Eligibility requirements each time you pay a premium to continue your insurance coverage.

Private Insurance

The Student Health Center DOES NOT file any private insurance claims for charges, except for the university-sponsored Student Insurance Plan. The Student Health Center will provide the student with a detailed, itemized bill that can be submitted to your private insurance company for possible reimbursement. However, the Student Health Center providers do not participate in any insurance networks or groups, therefore any medical expenses submitted to your private insurance will likely be treated as an out-of-network claim.