The PPFA is a 21-member elected board that represents College of William & Mary and Virginia Institute of Marine Science staff members who are professionals and professional faculty (PPFs). The PPFA provides "a forum for the collection of opinions of professionals and professional faculty on issues, policies, and matters of relevance to professionals and professional faculty and those impacting the general welfare of the College."

There are currently approximately 750 William & Mary employees designated as PPFs. These positions generally require an advanced degree or equivalent specialized training and experience. Professionals and professional faculty operate within a set of human resources policies and procedures different from those of instructional faculty and operational, classified, and hourly staff.


• Works with colleagues in College administration, instructional faculty, and fellow operational/classified/hourly staff to develop knowledge of College-wide issues, policies, and priorities and to make recommendations.
• Identifies, reviews, and researches issues and policies affecting professionals and professional faculty; make recommendations to College administration.
• Makes recommendations to College administration regarding appointments of professionals and professional faculty to College-wide committees, as requested.
• Works with Human Resources and other trainers to identify and implement training to improve work-life issues for professionals and professional faculty.

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