The PPFA is a 21-member elected board that represents approximately 750 William & Mary employees designated as PPFs. The PPFA provides a forum for the collection of opinions of professionals and professional faculty on issues, policies, and matters of relevance to PPFs and those impacting the general welfare of the university.

These positions generally require an advanced degree or equivalent specialized training and experience. Professionals and professional faculty operate within a set of human resources policies and procedures different from those of instructional faculty and operational, classified, and hourly staff.

Goals & Objectives (2018-2019)
  • Continue to improve internal operations
  • Continue to improve communications to constituents
    • Create and distribute FAQ
  • Build relationships between PPF's and between PPF's and other Assemblies
Academic Issues
  • To be knowledgeable about what's happening on the academic side and know the consequences/ramifications of issues
  • Provide research, information, and feedback to Human Resources on the following: 
    • Tuition waiver policy
    • Campus client survey
    • Performance evaluation procedures/policy
  • Increase awareness about PPFA and promote member engagement
  • Have a successful election year with additional advance planning
  • Continue social events to promote membership and networking
Professional Development
  • Complete needs assessment to launch in the spring
  • Continue to collaborate with HR to advertise and market professional development
  • Communicate the results of the professional development needs assessment survey, including staff training needs