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Professionals & Professional Faculty List

Below is a list of the 814 full-time and part-time W&M staff who are categorized as professionals and professional faculty. 

The list, from W&M's Human Resources via W&M's Information Technology Department, was provided October 24, 2019.  

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Alphabetical by Name
Roxane Adler Hickey Washington
Eric Agin Research
Peggy Agouris Provost
Jay Albaugh Athletics
Al Albert Advancement
Holly Alexander Student Affairs
Jana Allen-Bishop Allen-Bishop Business
Reagan Ambler Student Affairs
Virginia Ambler Student Affairs
Dennis Amrine Business
Ginia Anderson Enrollment
Gary Anderson VIMS
Adam Andrusyszyn Athletics
Craig Anzalone Advancement
Suzanne Armstrong Advancement
Anne Arseneau Student Affairs
Bob Arseneau Finance
Nick Artime Information Technology
Marra Austin Procurement
Nour Ayache VIMS
Tami Back Swem
James Baez-An Police
Denise Bailey Finance
Emily Bailey International
Brian Baines Business
Erma Baker Procurement
Kathryn Baldwin Information Technology
Janet Balentine Finance
Susan Ballard-Huther Business
Santanu Banerjee Arts and Sciences
Adam Barger
Lindsay Barna Law
Kate Barney Advancement
Betty Barrack VIMS
Tommy Barrineau Athletics
Amanda Barth Business
Elijah Barthel Athletics
Michael Bartolotta Advancement
James Barton Student Affairs
Rhonda Barton Business
Brooke Bates Advancement
Annie Bays Student Affairs
Laura Beach Law
Megan Beagle Facilities
Rebecca Beasley Education
Karla Beckman Student Affairs
Mark Begly Advancement
Tiffany Beker Advancement
Teresa Belback Facilities
Kristin Bell President
Cenie Bellamy Student Affairs
Liz Bellamy Swem
Sara Belmont Swem
Antone Belt Athletics
Babs Bengtson HR
John Bensel Arts and Sciences
Christopher Bentley VIMS
William Benton VIMS
Moriah Berger Allen Law
Marcia Berman VIMS
Toni Bickford Athletics
David Bihl Law
Amy Blackburn Business
Steve Blaiklock Law
Ali Blankinship Business
James Blinco Advancement
Julian Boatner Athletics
Sara Bon-Harper Finance
Chris Bonzek VIMS
Ben Boone Arts and Sciences
Kristy Borda Swem
Susan Bosworth IAE
Maureen Bounds Student Affairs
Brendan Bourdage Athletics
Elaine Boyd Student Affairs
Mark Brabham VIMS
Michael Bracelin Business
Forest Braden Athletics
David Brashear Provost
Cindy Brauer President
Robert Brest Information Technology
Carol Brill VIMS
James Brister VIMS
LaShauna Britt Education
Henry Broaddus Strategic Initiatives
Vincent Brown Athletics
Greg Brown Student Affairs
Omar Brown Athletics
Haskell Brown Code Review
Felicia Brown-Anderson Student Affairs
Cornelia Brown-Payne Finance
Meghan Bryant Swem
Gerald Bullock Advancement
Mary Burdette OIEAHC
Chelsey Burk Athletics
Christian Burnett Enrollment
Ali Burns Athletics
Donald Butler Police
Cathy Buyrn Education
Miranda Byles Advancement
Christopher Byrne Law
Michael Caboy Auxiliary
Celia Cackowski VIMS
Robin Cambier Athletics
Elaine Campbell Campbell Advancement
Tish Canady Enrollment
Corinne Carnegie VIMS
Anthony Carney Athletics
Sean Carter Athletics
Keenan Carter Athletics
Liz Cascone Student Affairs
Brian Casey Athletics
Molly Castle President
Deb Cheesebro Police
Shewlyn Chen-Stewart Information Technology
Jeffery Chestney Information Technology
Virginia Chew OIEAHC
Tiffany Christian Athletics
Kevin Clancey Student Affairs
Aimee Clark Athletics
Kelley Clark Education
Jay Clark VIMS
Suzanne Clavet Strategic Initiatives
Peter Clawson Athletics
Kevin Clerkley Athletics
Michael Cole Research
William Cole Athletics
Tina Coleman Strategic Initiatives
Amy Colley Education
Casey Comer Advancement
Katharine Conley Arts and Sciences
Deidre Connelly Athletics
Karen Conner Business
Carrie L. Cooper Cooper Swem
William Copan Finance
Cynthia Corbett Research
Deborah Cornell Swem
Corrinna Corrallo Student Affairs
Carla Costello President
Carol Coughlin VIMS
Liz Covart OIEAHC
Amber Cox Arts and Sciences
Kelly Crace Student Affairs
Chelsie Craddock Arts and Sciences
Elizabeth Crafford Advancement
Jabria Craft Arts and Sciences
Lisa Crawford Advancement
Carmen Croswell Arts and Sciences
Linlin Cui VIMS
Valerie Cushman Advancement
John Custer Arts and Sciences
Samantha Custer Arts and Sciences
David Dafashy Student Affairs
Jennifer Dahnke Business
Justin Dalton Swem
Deborah Davenport Research
Tamekka Davis Advancement
Troy Davis Davis Swem
Renee Davis Advancement
Davis Student Affairs
Morgan Davis Swem
Judy Davis International
Katherine Davis Small Research
Donni Perry Davis-Perry Education
Jennie Davy Swem
Colleen Dawson Athletics
Elizabeth De Falcon De Falcon Student Affairs
Claire De Lisle Advancement
Olivia De Meo VIMS
Elizabeth DeBusk-Maslanka President
Deborah DeGuzman Facilities
Joshua DeSilva Student Affairs
Molly DeStafney International
Heather Deere Student Affairs
Amanda Devlin Devlin-Knowlton Advancement
Frederick Dingledy Law
Joe Dobrota Enrollment
Van Dobson Facilities
Laura Doherty Business
Betsy Dolan Enrollment
Georgie Donovan Swem
Davison Douglas Law
Ras-I Dowling Athletics
Timothy Doyle Athletics
Rachel Drazdowski Advancement
Jennifer Dreyer VIMS
John Drummond Information Technology
Karen Duhring VIMS
Hani Dulli Arts and Sciences
Jenny Dunfee Student Affairs
M Durden Student Affairs
Kevin Dwan Athletics
Michael Dyer Information Technology
Virginia Eacho Student Affairs
Ramon Eady Athletics
Nissa Eames Strategic Initiatives
Virginia Early Advancement
Paul Edwards Finance
Betsy Edwards Business
Mark Egner Athletics
Elizabeth Eldredge Business
Taylor Eljaua Student Affairs
Tess Ellis Athletics
Buddy Ellis Information Technology
Norman Elton Information Technology
Michael Embry Student Affairs
Norlene Emerson Arts and Sciences
Mike Ende Law
Nate Engelhardt Athletics
Ruthie Erb Finance
Kent Erdahl President
Karen Hudson Erskine VIMS
Maggie Evans Student Affairs
LeighAnn Everingham Research
Nancy Everson Student Affairs


Kristen Fagan Administration
Terry Fassanella Student Affairs
Sophy Feng Registrar
Phil Fenstermacher Information Technology
Douglas Fenstermacher Information Technology
Christine Ferguson Student Affairs
Karen Ferguson Advancement
Jackie Ferree Business
Christy Fiedler Provost
Shelby Finkelstein Advancement
Dane Fischer Athletics
Amy Fisher VIMS
Robert Fisher VIMS
Anthony Fisichella Athletics
Hillary Fitts Athletics
Aimee Fitzgerald Advancement
Bonnie Fleming Information Technology
Miriam Fleming Business
Jennifer Floor Student Affairs
Alex Flores Swem
Kay Floyd International
Diane Fogel Business
David Forrest VIMS
Liz Foster Law
Charlie Foster Student Affairs
Michael Fox President
Melissa Franks Enrollment
Nicole Fratianne Advancement
Joshua Frederick Information Technology
Trici Fredrick Student Affairs
Catherine Freiling Information Technology
Jonathan Frey Arts and Sciences
Daniel Frezza Advancement
Gerald Gaidmore Swem
Jenn Garcia Student Affairs
Daniel Gardner Student Affairs
Sarah Garrett Advancement
Lauren Garrett Student Affairs
Eric Garrison Student Affairs
Jim Gartland VIMS
Cindy Gass International
Timothy Gass VIMS
Kristine Gaswint Athletics
Sharron Gatling President
Ryann George Advancement
Siddhartha Ghose Arts and Sciences
Dave Gilbert Student Affairs
Cynthia Gillman Advancement
Andrew Gilstrap Facilities
Cindy Glavas Auxiliary
Mary Gleason Athletics
James Glosson Swem
Sarah Glosson Arts and Sciences
Fanchon  Glover President
James Goins VIMS
Heather Golden Advancement
Lorie Gomez VIMS
Cirse Gonzalez VIMS
Seth Goodman Arts and Sciences
Bob Gough Student Affairs
Robbie Graham Advancement
Kelly Graham Law
Susan  Grainger Business
Earl Granger Advancement
Lauren Greene Museum
Alexander Greenwood Arts and Sciences
Jameson Gregg VIMS
Steve Gregory Auxiliary
Jim Gregory VIMS
John Griffin VIMS
Monica Griffin Arts and Sciences
Abby Grimes Advancement
Adam Grincius Advancement
Thomas Grose VIMS
Debbie Grosser Education
Eric Guevelou VIMS
Laura Hackett Education
Amber Hall Facilities
Chassidy Hall Information Technology
Rebecca Halleran Latourell Halleran Latourell Arts and Sciences
Erin Hamilton Advancement
Kasey Hancock Athletics
Steve Hanson International
Caswell Hardaway VIMS
Gail Hardinge Education
Eden Harris Auxiliary
Michelle Harris Business
Andrea Harris President
Julia Hathaway VIMS
Joe Hause Information Technology
Peel Hawthorne Athletics
Alex Heacock Athletics
Lindsay Heck Student Affairs
Emily Hein VIMS
Charles Heishman Information Technology
Paul Hellyer Law
Lesley Henderson Student Affairs
Greg Henderson Student Affairs
Anthony Henderson Advancement
William Henninger Arts and Sciences
Julie Herman VIMS
Patricia Herrera Information Technology
Elizabeth Herrity Advancement
Brian Hiestand Finance
Thomas Higgins Research
Laura Hild Information Technology
Chance Hines Research
Kelsey Hinton Athletics
William Hodges Information Technology
Corinne Hoffhines Student Affairs
Karen Hogue Education
Kelly Holdcraft Advancement
Katrina Holden Student Affairs
Shawn Holl OIEAHC
Jerry Holleman Finance
Kevin Holmes Business
James Holmes Student Affairs
Eric Hopkins President
Bill Horacio Auxiliary
Abby Houser Finance
Kate Hoving International
Martha Howard OIEAHC
Deborah Howe HR
Katey Howerton Law
Michael Howland Athletics
Wade Huang VIMS
Sarah Huber VIMS
Patrick Hudgins Student Affairs
Samantha Huge Athletics
Sean Hughes Finance
Julie Hummel Business
Rosalyn Hundley Business
Jordan Hunt Business
Farley Hunter Facilities
John Hunter Swem
Courtney Hurt Advancement
Gerald Huther Information Technology
Morgan Hutter Business
Robert Isdell VIMS
Joe Isley Education
William Ivey VIMS
Dwight Ivy Facilities
Lori Jacobson Arts and Sciences
Theresa Jarrell Finance
Matthew Johns Athletics
Patrick Johnson Research
Judith Johnson Law
LaRhonda Johnson Horton Student Affairs
Pamela Johnston Finance
Susan Jones Education
Joseph Jones Research
Samuel Jones Finance
Scott Jones Athletics
Margaret Jones Education
Lauren Jordan Law
Jacob Joseph Education
Midori Juarez Business


Jeff Kader Athletics
Morgan Kader Business
Harriet Kandell Student Affairs
John S. Kane Kane Advancement
Jay Kanukurthy Information Technology
Bobak Kasrai Student Affairs
Nate Kellogg Athletics
Mary Kellogg VIMS
Kirsten Kellogg Advancement
Pete Kellogg Information Technology
Catherine Kelly OIEAHC
Jason Kemp Athletics
James Kennedy Information Technology
Berni Kenney Information Technology
Susan Kern Arts and Sciences
Nicholas Kier Education
Elizabeth Kiewiet Education
Angela King Law
Rebecca Kinkead Procurement
Peter Kinton Enrollment
Marina Knapp International
Troy Knapp Code Review
Kathleen Knick VIMS
Linda Knight Student Affairs
Rod Knight Arts and Sciences
William Koeck Facilities
Emrys Koenigsmann Koenigsmann VIMS
Rosanna Koppelmann Business
Erik Korem Athletics
Jason Kremer Facilities
Scott Kuehn Athletics
Bernadette Kulas Research
Michelle Kurowski Athletics
Mark LaGuardia VIMS
David LaPlante Facilities
Samuel Lake VIMS
Calandra Lake Strategic Initiatives
Matthew Lambert Advancement
Stewart Lamerdin VIMS
Amy Langston Langston VIMS
Kathy Larrieu Arts and Sciences
Shelly Laurenzo Arts and Sciences
Brook Lautenslager Arts and Sciences
April Lawrence Education
Lisa Lawrence VIMS
Julie Leach Advancement
Christopher Lee HR
Scott Lerberg VIMS
Robbie Lester Athletics
Caroline Letourneau Advancement
Jennifer Leung Student Affairs
James Lew Athletics
David Lewes Research
Nasha Lewis International
Lin Li Finance
Dessa Lightfoot Research
Melissa Liles-Parris Museum
Patrice Lincoln Business
Shelley Littleton Education
Ying Liu International
Christine Lockerby Advancement
Taylor Locks Student Affairs
Jon Loftis VIMS
Michael London Athletics
Michael London Athletics
Jacob Long Finance
Richard Long Advancement
Daria Lorio-Barsten Education
Lindsey Love Arts and Sciences
Katie Lowe Advancement
Thea Lucas Athletics
Mary Lueker HR
Drew Luellen VIMS
Josh Lustig Business
Zhonghui Lv Arts and Sciences
Marsha Lycan Athletics
Elizabeth MacAleese VIMS
Carol MacVaugh Arts and Sciences
Mike Maddalena III Business
Meghan Madler Enrollment
Kimberly Mallory Business
David Malmquist VIMS
Dennis Manos Research
Susan Maples VIMS
Sara Marchello Registrar
Eric Margiotta Student Affairs
Adriano Marinazzo Museum
Brennan Marion Athletics
Ivana Marshall Advancement
Sara Marshall Law
Jeremy Martin President
Joseph Martinez VIMS
Pam Mason VIMS
Pamela Mason Provost
Grace Massey VIMS
Mariellynn Maurer Auxiliary
Kathleen Mazzitti Advancement
Carolyn Mbajekwe Arts and Sciences
Elaine McBeth Arts and Sciences
Kate McCallister Swem
Joseph McClain Strategic Initiatives
Kara McCulloch Education
Leslie McCullough Advancement
Libby McDaniel Swem
Jason McDevitt Research
Rachel McDonald Student Affairs
Natasha McFarland Swem
Patrick McKenna Athletics
Cristen McQuillan Student Affairs
Laura Mcdonald International
Katherine Mckenzie Swem
Jennifer Meier Enrollment
Sarah Melchior President
Olivia Mendenall Advancement
Dolores Metcalf Information Technology
Marilyn Midyette Advancement
Sharon Mikanowicz Facilities
Anna Milholland Business
Adam Miller VIMS
Elizabeth Miller Student Affairs
Donna Milligan VIMS
Kellie Miner Business
Molly Mitchell VIMS
Shirley Mitchell Arts and Sciences
Sylvia Mitterndorfer International
Jeff Molloy Arts and Sciences
Kim Momballou Registrar
Elizabeth Monroe Research
David Morales Swem
Laura Morales Swem
Clarke Morledge Information Technology
Bob Morman Facilities
David Morrill Law
Bo Morris Athletics
Lindsey Mosvick Student Affairs
Constance Motley VIMS
Catherine Mountjoy Finance
Amy Moyer Business
Anna Mroch Student Affairs
Lanlan Mu Registrar
Teresa Munford Finance
Mike Murphy Information Technology
Rita Murphy Business
Tricia Murphy Advancement
Brian Murphy Athletics
Rebecca Murray Advancement
Meg Musselwhite OIEAHC
Eric Myers Information Technology
Mayur Nandkeolyar Athletics
Tonya Nations Student Affairs
Louise Ndiaye Research
Carrie Nee President
Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz Advancement
David Nguyen Athletics
Lisa Nickel Swem
Brian Nigg Business
Spencer Niles Education
Sara Noack Business
Melissa Noble Student Affairs
Ian Nofziger Information Technology
Katherine Nolan Arts and Sciences
Chris Norris Athletics
Daniel Norton Information Technology
Anna Norville Advancement
Karinna Nunez VIMS
Sarah Nuss VIMS
Melanie T. O'Dell O'Dell Finance
Patricia O'Neill Education
Kelly O'Shaughnessy Student Affairs
Mary Oberlies Swem
John Oldfield VIMS
Melissa Orendorff Information Technology
Dot Osborne Education
Steve Otto Arts and Sciences
Jonathan Overstreet Advancement
Shene Owens Student Affairs
Rachel Pace Information Technology
Maria Pada HR
Shane Painter Advancement
Samantha Paizs Athletics
Melissa Palacios Information Technology
April Palmer Student Affairs
Christopher Palmer VIMS
Meghan Palombo Advancement
Alexandra Pappas Student Affairs
Catherine Parker Facilities
Brad Parks Arts and Sciences
David Parrish VIMS
Becky Parsons Advancement
Matt Partain Information Technology
Katherine Paschal Advancement
Dane Pascoe Arts and Sciences
Barton Paxton Research
Susanna Pearson VIMS
Christopher Peck Information Technology
Scott Percic Advancement
Sophia Perrotti Advancement
Kate Perry Enrollment
Brian Persinger Information Technology
Christine Peterson Education
Melissa Pettigrew Information Technology
Thi Hong Lien Pham VIMS
Andrew Phillips Athletics
Maria Cristina Picardo Arts and Sciences
Corinne Picataggi Information Technology
Jessica Pierce Registrar
Carlane Pittman-Hampton Business
George Podolin Law
Robert Polley VIMS
Christina Pondell VIMS
Patricia Popp Education
Melody Porter Student Affairs
Michael Potter Student Affairs
Donna Potts Advancement
Michael Powell Athletics
Kathleen Powell Student Affairs
Sherri Powers Arts and Sciences
Mihir Prakash Arts and Sciences
Sidne Pressey VIMS
Carlo Primero Information Technology
Steve Prince Museum
Lawrence Pulley Business
Jason Pully Information Technology


Qubin Qin VIMS
Jenny Rahn Arts and Sciences
Jessica Ramey Swem
John Ransone Athletics
Deborah Ratliff Advancement
Logan Reed Enrollment
Jesse Reiblich Law
Meriann Reid Enrollment
Bo Revell Athletics
Matt Rheinecker Business
Michael Ribeiro Information Technology
Jeffrey Rich Business
Julie Richter Arts and Sciences
Denise Ridley-Johnston IAE
William Robbins Information Technology
Liz Robbins HR
Chasity Roberts Arts and Sciences
Quinn Roberts VIMS
Sally Roberts International
DaNika Robinson VIMS
Michelle Rodriguez VIMS
Juan Rodriguez Facilities
William Roe Athletics
Sabine Rogers VIMS
Sally Roman VIMS
Robert Rose Arts and Sciences
Melissa Rouette Information Technology
Matt Rouette Information Technology
Katherine Rowe Rowe President
Patricia Roy Student Affairs
Ann Ruble Advancement
Dave Rudloff Code Review
Indri  Rudy Advancement
Brooke Russell Arts and Sciences
Timothy Russell Facilities
Christine Rutherford-Williams Advancement
Michael Ryan Business
Miriam Saguto Advancement
Jennifer Salyers Law
Gordon Sammis Athletics
Megan Sanbury Business
Scott Sandridge VIMS
Pam Sardeson Sardeson Willard Advancement
Bill Saunders Arts and Sciences
Ute Schechter Swem
Karl Schleevogt Advancement
Sean Schofield Business
Justin Schoonmaker Strategic Initiatives
Jonathan Schramm Business
Dan Scianandre Law
Shylan Scott Student Affairs
Amelia Seagle Student Affairs
Kristopher Sears Athletics
Anna Sease Advancement
Amy Sebring Finance
Ramona Sein Law
Jennifer Sekula Law
Lauren Seney Law
Tanya Sethi Arts and Sciences
Julie Shackford Athletics
Tony Shaver Athletics
Faye Shealy Law
Rebecca Sheffield Education
Laura  Shepherd Brooks Law
Erin Shields VIMS
Gregg Shipp Facilities
Paul Showalter Swem
Jean Sibley Swem
Mark Sikes Student Affairs
Sani Silvennoinen Advancement
Jason Simms Simms Athletics
Jennifer Simpson Athletics
Jake Sims Arts and Sciences
Verasak Singhaseni Facilities
Jim Sirinakis Facilities
Jess Skinner Advancement
Jacob Skipper Athletics
Kari-Lise Slettemoen Information Technology
Jessica Small VIMS
Candice Small Swem
Hamish Small VIMS
Chantel Smith Business
Sarah Smith Athletics
Dexter Smith Law
Jacob Smith Information Technology
Erica Smith VIMS
Ghana Smith Finance
Colin Smolinsky Strategic Initiatives
Don Snyder Student Affairs
Dana Snyder VIMS
Robert Solderitch Athletics
Rachel Southern Student Affairs
Melissa Southworth VIMS
Kimberly Sperling Business
Cory Springer Registrar
Christine St Martin Finance
Pierre St-Laurent VIMS
Steve Stafford Code Review
Nancy Stahon Finance
Karen Stamieszkin VIMS
Michael Steelman Advancement
Andrew Stelljes Student Affairs
Lillian Stevens Strategic Initiatives
Kaylan Stevenson OIEAHC
Scott Stewart Information Technology
Ann Marie Stock Provost
Lynaye Stone Athletics
Casey Stone Student Affairs
Mary Stowe Education
Chris Stratton Advancement
James Strawn Information Technology
Anne Strickland Student Affairs
Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser Student Affairs
Julie Summs Strategic Initiatives
James Supplee Information Technology
Pamela Suzadail Business
Edward Swanson Athletics
Janelle Sykes Athletics
Aidan Talcott Athletics
Marian Taliaferro Swem
Karyn Tancredi Finance
Ed Teer Athletics
Michael Terrell Facilities
Tierra Terry Athletics
Linda Tesar Law
Steve Tewksbury President
Marjorie Thomas Student Affairs
John Thomas VIMS
Zachary Thompson Facilities
Richard Thompson Student Affairs
Joshua Thornton Athletics
Robert Tighe Student Affairs
Lawrence Tolj Arts and Sciences
Christine Tombleson VIMS
Carol Tomlinson VIMS
Kenton Towner Police
David Trichler Arts and Sciences
Terry Trojak Business
David Trott Enrollment
Julie Tucker Education
Troy Tuckey VIMS
Robert Turner Athletics
Michael Turner Registrar


Michael Umberger Law
Tina Vadas Information Technology
Kimberly Van Deusen Arts and Sciences
Candice VanBibber Information Technology
Simonne Vance Finance
Mitch Vander Vorst Advancement
Lyle Varnell VIMS
Nick Vasquez International
Felix Vazquez Information Technology
William Vega Procurement
Shane Vernarsky Athletics
Tim Von Stetten Advancement
Robert Waggoner Advancement
Sherree Walker Finance
Jennifer Wall Advancement
Eric Walter Information Technology
Tanya Ward VIMS
William Ward Student Affairs
Caroline Ward Enrollment
Katalin Wargo
Christie Warren Law
Adrienne Washington VIMS
Aja Washington Athletics
Cody Watson Business
Gail Watts Finance
Kimberly Weatherly Student Affairs
Glen Weaver Information Technology
David Weiss VIMS
Jaime Welch-Donahue Law
May Wells Advancement
Jessica Wells Arts and Sciences
Virginia Wells Student Affairs
John Wells VIMS
Keir Wenham-Flatt Athletics
Joey Wermer HR
Jennifer Wheeler Information Technology
Joe Wheeless Student Affairs
Anna Whiston Student Affairs
Shannon White Arts and Sciences
Ken White Business
Michael White Student Affairs
Lindsey Whitlow Law
Brian Whitson Strategic Initiatives
Jamie Wick Information Technology
David Wilcox VIMS
Amy Wilkerson Research
Valerie Wilkins Advancement
Cortney Will Strategic Initiatives
Rachel Williams Advancement
Cami Williams Education
Gail Williams Arts and Sciences
Mike Williams Advancement
David Williard Strategic Initiatives
Sarah Wilmoth Advancement
Mark Windley Strategic Initiatives
Jesse Windley Strategic Initiatives
Katie Wise Registrar
Adam Witkowski Facilities
Timothy Wolfe Enrollment
Eva Wong International
Jason Woodle Finance
Alexander Wooley Arts and Sciences
Sam Wren Advancement
Justin Wright Business
Karin Wulf OIEAHC
Alice Young Business
Erin Zagursky Strategic Initiatives
Neely Zervakis Auxiliary
Zhi Zhang Finance
Jack Zhang Enrollment
Xuchen Zhou Registrar
Josh Zidenberg Athletics
Ellen Zitis Advancement
David Zoll Procurement