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Per the PPFA Bylaws, the current PPFA President serves as an ex officio member of each committee. For details on standing committees, see Bylaws, Article II.

Standing Committees
Academic Committee
Monitor academic issues to identify those that directly affect professionals and professional faculty and their areas of responsibility.
  • Julie Hummel, co-chair
  • Shannon White, co-chair
  • Jonathan Frey
  • Kathleen Powell
  • Tim Russell
Administrative Committee
Monitor university administrative issues of relevance to professionals and professional faculty. 
  • Jacob Joseph, chair
  • Ruth Erb
  • Emrys Koenigsmann
  • Mary Lueker
  • Carol Tomlinson
  • Ali Zawoyski
Communications Committee
Manage Assembly website, listservs, and online discussions, polling and voting.
  • Jabria Craft, chair
  • Suzie Armstrong
  • Melissa Palacios
  • Melissa Pettigrew
  • Sarah Smith
Membership Committee
Manage elections, including nominations and election procedures.
  • Marra Austin, chair
  • Jacob Joseph
  • Taylor Locks
  • Shene Owens
Professional Development Committee
Assess, address, and evaluate the learning needs of professional staff; assist professional staff in creating long-term professional development plans; find creative ways to meet the unique continuing educational needs of professionals and professional faculty.
  • Tamekka Davis, chair
  • Jabria Craft
  • Emrys Koenigsmann