Hazing Prevention Coalition


The Hazing Prevention Coalition works to empower the W&M community to prevent hazing.  The Coalition helps the community recognize hazing, understand its implications, develop intolerance for hazing activities, and act/report when hazing occurs. In addition, we provide resources to support safer, healthier means of member acclimation and integration.


Linda Knight, Co-Chair, Campus Recreation
Anne Arseneau, Co-Chair, Student Leadership Development
Don Butler, W&M Policy
Deidra Connelly, Athletics/Counseling
Matt Crispino, Athletics
Chris Durden, Residence Life
Dave Gilbert, Dean of Students
Tyler Kennedy, Student Representative
Monica Marlowe, Athletics
Catherine Merritt, Student Representative
Shylan Scott, Residence Life
Helen Sydnor, Student Representative
Catherine Wood, Student Representative
Benny Zhang, Student Representative



Overview of why hazing prevention efforts are important at W&M