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Graduate Student Initiatives

Advocating for the well-being, rights, and representation of all graduate students

The graduate council engages in advocacy initiatives that are best addressed by or that affect multiple graduate programs, or those which have campus-wide effects. In other words, things important to more than a single graduate school or program.  Because representatives from each of the school’s governing student organizations sit on the graduate council, a single initiative can quickly reach all of the graduate student government organizations.  As an example, a Committee on Healthcare is being stood up in Spring 2023 with representatives from each graduate school.  In the past, the graduate council sponsored the Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey (available below) to determine which issues were important to graduate students. In 2020-22, advocacy efforts focused on improving DEI efforts within each school; the effort included presenting relevant student satisfaction survey results to the deans of the graduate schools, and advocating for appointment of DEI officers and student representatives.

The advocacy role of the graduate council is principally to facilitate campus-wide efforts by communicating with the individual student government organizations, evaluate when new initiatives are desired, evaluate the needs of new initiative, identify people within each graduate program to join teams, and work issues and communicating results. Initiatives from graduate students at large are also welcome.  The graduate council provides a forum for connecting you with like-minded individuals across the campus to work campus-wide (or even just multi-grad-program) initiatives. 

Satisfaction Survey Report (pdf)

DEI report (pdf)