W&M Challenge Course

Team-Building, Collaboration, and Leadership Development

The Challenge Course will close Nov. 8 for the winter! See you in the Spring!


The W&M Challenge course is open to W&M organizations as well as outside groups.  We ask that all requests be made at least two weeks before your requested program date.

We design your program based on team needs and goals. Activities can be tailored to strengthen group cohesiveness, communication, trust, group processing, interpersonal relationships, individual members' self-awareness and confidence level. Through our activities, groups are being socially, mentally, physically, and environmentally challenged in a positive and fun environment.

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Ground Initiatives
Program Types:

Ground Initiatives  - These are portable activities with low physical demand that can meet your group at any location! Our facilitators engage the group by presenting problem-solving scenarios that require and develop teamwork, trust, leadership, and communication skills. The group finds success through working together and depending upon the member's strengths. We are happy to travel to any location and lead activities to better the group culture!

Low Elements - These are permanent structures located on the W&M Challenge Course. Low Elements are, on average, 2-3 feet above the ground. These activities are more physically engaging than Ground Initiatives.

High Ropes Course (High Elements)- Height ranges between 12-65 feet and can be physically demanding. Completion of a Low Elements course is required to make a reservation for a High Ropes Course program. Participants will have the opportunity to push oneself both physically and mentally through controlled risk-taking. Participants will achieve personal goals while being supported and encouraged by their team.

Zipline - The zipline flys over the beautiful Lake Matoaka, providing each participant an unforgettable experience! 

Combination Programs - A group can opt to experience Ground Initiatives, Low Elements, High Elements & Zipline on separate days or experience elements of the Challenge Course in one day. Combining programs allows for a complete team-building experience incorporating the benefits of each program. Multiple combination options are possible, based on group goals and time available.

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Questions? Ask us at [[tap,TAP@wm.edu]].

Ground Initiatives
Challenge Course Philosophy:

Our Challenge Course programs are based on Experiential Education principles. Experiential Education is a learning process that places participants in a unique setting with purposeful problem-solving activities that require full engagement. Through synthesis and reflection, participants examine preexisting behaviors in a new light and explore new found skills and strengths.

Our facilitators provide opportunities for team and individual learning in a controlled and challenging environment. Through mindful debriefing and authentic discussion, we transfer these learning experiences back to the personal, professional, and academic lives of participants.

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