Challenge Course Programs

Team-Building, Collaboration, and Leadership Development

Program Types:
program types
Ground Initiatives 
Electric Fence (Ground Initiative)

Best For: Teamwork, Trust, Leadership, Communication

  • Portable activities with low physical demand
  • Groups are engaged in problem-solving scenarios that require brainstorming and communication
  • Success is achieved when groups can effectively work together to utilize each member's unique strengths
  • We are happy to travel to any location and lead ground-initiative based programs
Low Elements

Best For: Planning, Delegation, Conflict Resolution

Team-building on Low Ropes
  • Permanent structures located on the W&M Challenge Course
  • Stationed 1-3ft above ground-level
  • Slightly more physically demanding than Ground Initiatives, Low Elements generally challenge participants to plan ahead, delegate responsibility, and resolve conflicts as they arise.
High Elements

Best For: Risk-Taking, Personal Achievement, Support & Motivation

The long way up
  • Heights range from 12-65ft 
  • Require the use of ropes, harnesses, and helmets
  • Can be mentally and physically challenging
  • Facilitators encourage participants to take risks in a protected environment
  • Participants will achieve personal goals while being supported and encouraged by their team

Best For: Personal Achievement, Fun!

W&M Zipline


The zipline flies over the beautiful Lake Matoaka, providing each participant an unforgettable experience! 

  • Exhilarating and Fun
  • Participants jump into the unknown to practice healthy risk taking and trust
Combination Programs

Best For: A variety of learning objectives All smiles on 3G-Whiz

A group can opt to experience Ground Initiatives, Low Elements, High Elements & Zipline on separate days or experience elements of the Challenge Course in one day. Combining programs allows for a complete team-building experience incorporating the benefits of each program. Multiple combination options are possible, based on group goals and time available.

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