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Name, Gender Identity, Pronoun

Students may identify a preferred first name, their gender identity, and a personal pronoun.

Legal Name

Students whose legal name has changed may have that information updated in Banner (and other systems that are updated with Banner data) by completing the Name Change Form (pdf). A copy of the updated Social Security Card will be required for US Citizens, and a copy of the updated passport will be required for non-US citizens.

Preferred First Name, Gender Identity, and Personal Pronoun

The William & Mary Policy on Preferred Name, Gender Identity, and Personal Pronoun guides these procedures.  

Students who wish to identify a preferred first name may do so from the Personal Info tab in Banner self-service or at Preferred first name will appear on class rosters in Blackboard, Banner, and DegreeWorks. Faculty members are asked to address students by their preferred first name when first names are used.

Students who wish to indicate their gender identity and/or personal pronouns may do so through the Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) in Banner self-service. See below for available values. Banner will display personal pronouns on the Banner class roster and in DegreeWorks. Students may also indicate their pronouns in Blackboard through their settings. Banner does not offer the opportunity to display gender identity, so only administrative staff members using Banner Admin will have access to gender identity information.

Students may directly request that faculty and fellow students use their personal pronouns.  

Banner Values for Gender Identity:
  • AGEN    Agender
  • BIGE      Bigender
  • CISG      Cisgender
  • GF          Gender Fluid
  • GQ         Gender Queer
  • NONB   Non Binary
  • TRAN    Transgender
Banner Values for Personal Pronoun:
  • HE         He, Him, His
  • SHE       She, Her, Hers
  • THEY     They, Them, Theirs
  • ZE          Ze, Zir, Zim
  • ZZ          Ze, Zir, Zirs