Confidentiality & Privacy

We take our responsibilities in this arena very seriously. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs much of our work, both by defining students’ access to their own records and also by limiting how we share our students’ and alumni’s records with others. 

Please note significant changes in policy and practice in response to Virginia legislation enacted July 1, 2018:

  1. Student address (email and all others) and telephone number(s) will no longer be considered “directory information” under William & Mary’s FERPA policy. This means that student contact information may not be shared with other students and may not appear on a published list or website without the student’s consent.
  2. The student directory will be moved behind a W&M-authenticated login. W&M faculty and staff will be able to look up student contact information for legitimate educational purposes, but the public will not be able to look up students.
  3. Individual W&M students will have to “opt-in” for their information to appear to other students who login through W&M authentication to the directory. If a student does not “affirmatively consent” to be visible in the directory, then that student’s contact information will not be visible to other W&M students.

Ready to opt-in now so that other students may find your contact information? Go to and click “Yes” in the Student Directory Consent section.